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Novelist and guitar enthusiast Louis De Bernieres and classical guitar virtuoso Craig Ogden travel to Linares in Andalucia to visit the museum established in honour of its most famous son, Andres Segovia, and to discover more about the man regarded as the greatest guitarist of the 20th century.

Albeniz: Granada

DG 471430-2

Granados: Spanish Dance No 10 (Danse triste)

Granados: Spanish Dance No 5 (Andaluza)

Granados: El Maja de Goya

Bach: Gavotte en rondeau (Lute Suite No 4)

Frescobaldi: Air

DG 471699-22

Tarrega: Estudio in A

EMI R6104720

Sor: Study in D

Sor: Variations on a Theme by Mozart

Naxos 8.111090

Debussy: La fille aux cheveux de lin

Torroba: Torija (Castles of Spain)

Tedesco: Sonata (Omaggio a Boccherini) (finale)

Llobet: El noi de la mare

Naxos 8.111087

Falla: Homenaje

DG 471698-22

Ponce: Concierto del Sur (1st mvt)

Ponce: Sonatina

Naxos 8.111088

Chopin: Prelude No 7 in A

Albeniz: Sevilla

Mompou: Muneira (Suite Compostelana)

Villa-Lobos: Study No 1

Segovia: Estudio sin luz

Torroba: Fandanguillo (Suite Castellana)

Torroba: Los Mayos

Tarrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra

Rodrigo: Fandango

Louis De Bernieres visits the museum devoted to Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia.


Concentrating on the novels of Jane Austen, Fiona Talkington and Dr Jeanice Brooks of Southampton University present an insight into the world of the amateur musician in the late 18th century, looking at society's attitudes to them and the notion of female 'accomplishment'.


Nigel Simeone visits Paris to tell the story of classical music activity in the city during the years of Nazi occupation.

Historians, musicologists and musicians vividly outline both the oppression and the resistance in the concert halls, conservatoires and radio studios of the time.

Nigel Simeone tells the story of classical music activity in Nazi-occupied Paris.