6M20110823Celebrating 6 Music Classic Album of the Day artists, Muse.
Plus the story of Kraftwerk.
6 Music Classic Album of the Day artists Muse have always operated on a larger scale than most rock bands and the Devon trio's combination of shamlessly overblown rock theatrics and extravagant conspiracy theories have left many scratching their heads.
Onstage they've been compared to 'Eddie Van Halen trying to play Beethoven with his left foot on a sitar'.
Offstage singer Matt Bellamy believes we've been cloned from aliens, and that we receive subliminal instructions from the government via mobile phones and Muse's album 'Absolution' deals not with the end of relationships, but the end of the world.
Plus Kraftwerk - We Are The Robots
Marc Riley traces the career of Kraftwerk, whose 1970s electronic music owed more to the experimental German classical compositions of Karlheinz Stockhausen than to any pop tradition.
They were part of a new generation of young West Germans, living in the shadow of the Cold War, who identified with the need to recapture a German cultural identity distinct from that of Britain and America.