The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd


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Poirot retires to village life, but treachery and murder lay ahead.

John Moffat stars.

John Moffat stars as Agatha Christie's Belgian sleuth.

When Hercule Poirot retires to the country to grow vegetable marrows, he finds that someone has planted the seeds of treachery and of murder.

Recorded on 1987-11-02

Hercule Poirot has retired to the quiet village of King's Abbot.

The tranquillity is shaken by a widow's suicide.

Dramatisation of the Poirot novel that made Agatha Christie a household name.

With John Moffatt as the Belgian sleuth.

Genome: [r4 Bd=19900917]

Unknown: Agatha Christie.

Unknown: Hercule Poirot

Unknown: Richard Tate

Unknown: Simon Cuff

Unknown: Paul Sirr

Unknown: Peter Craze

Unknown: Alan Dudley.

Dramatised By: Michael Bakewell

Director: Enyd Williams.

Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt

Dr Sheppard: John Woodvine

Roger Ackroyd: Laurence Payne

Raymond: Peter Gilmore

Caroline: Diana Olsson

Miss Russell: Eva Stuart

Flora: Zelah Clarke

Mrs Cecil Ackroyd: Joan Matheson

Ursula Bourne: Karen Archer

Parker: Deryck Guyler