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Five programmes for National Adoption Week.


Genome: [r4 Bd=19920930]

by Brian Miller.

With Patricia Hodge as Jessica and Maxine Audley as Aunt Herbacia. It is well known that sooner or later all husbands outlive their usefulness. Jessica is bored with hers and takes decisive action. But she and Aunt Herbacia discover that they are part of a world-wide conspiracy of women - Director Alec Reid. Stereo

Genome: [r4 Bd=19920930]

Unknown: Brian Miller.

Unknown: Patricia Hodge

Unknown: Maxine Audley

Unknown: Aunt Herbacia.

Director: Alec Reid.

Grantham: Gordon Reid

Geraldine ,: Mellnda Walker

Detective Sergeant: Eric Allen


Sian Pari Huws looks at adoption from the point of view of the adopter.


Sian Pari Huws talks to adoptees about their experiences, and their feelings about their hereditary background.


Sian Pari Huws explores the work of the UK's leading children's charity, Barnardos, also one of the biggest adoption agencies in Wales.


Sian Pari Huws investigates the differences between fostering and adoption, and meets people who've experienced the system from both sides.

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Sian Pari Huws examines some of the more contentious aspects of adoption such as intercountry and contested adoptions.