Mum And Me [Radio Scotland]


0205Zoe And Moira2013062020130623 (RS)

In Scotland there are estimated to be over 16,000 young carers. In this episode of Mum and Me Elaine C Smith talks to one of them, Zoe. Zoe was just nine years old when she became a carer. Zoe and her mum Moira tell Elaine how their mother-daughter relationship changed when Zoe became her mum's carer.


Elaine C Smith talks to Jolene about the emotional impact of having an abortion.

0301Sally Clay2015012920150130 (RS)
20150201 (RS)

Elaine C Smith returns to BBC Radio Scotland for a third series of Mum and Me. In this powerful and thought-provoking episode Elaine C Smith will talk to blind Mum Sally Clay about becoming a Mum for the first time around and how she overcame post-natal depression.

Sally Clay talks about being blind, becoming a mother and overcoming post-natal depression

0302Simon Harrison20150205

Elaine C Smith returns to BBC Radio Scotland for a third series of Mum and Me. In this evocative episode, Elaine C Smith talks to Simon Harrison about his late mother's decision to send him to boarding school aged eight and how that was to later affect their relationship.

0303Gillian And Katelin O'neil20150212

Elaine C Smith talks to Katelin and Gillian O'Neill about their unique Mother and Daughter relationship. Not only do they live in the same house, they are also in business together. Elaine hears how living and working together has not only strengthened their Mother and Daughter bond but it has also increased their mutual respect for one another.

0304Jackie Hunter20150219

Elaine C Smith talks to Jackie Hunter about her decision to become a surrogate mum after her own family was complete. Jackie explains that it's a very special feeling to be able to provide a childless couple with a baby.

0305Laura Lee20150226

Elaine C Smith talks to sex worker Laura Lee about being a Mum and how her unusual career choice has impacted on her 13 year old daughter's life. Laura explains that just because she's a sex worker, it doesn't affect her ability to be a loving mum.

0306Victoria Erasmus20150305

Elaine C Smith talks to Victoria Erasmus about how she juggles the needs of her 4 young children with the demands of running a busy hotel in Inverness. Victoria explains that she's not some kind of super mum, she's just extremely organised.