Mr Starlight

By Laurie Graham.

A rags to riches showbiz saga.

Read by Michael Fenton Stevens.



By Laurie Graham.

A rags to riches showbiz saga.

Read by Michael Fenton Stevens.It's 1948 and the Boff Brothers have top billing at the BIRMINGHAM Welsh Club.

Mam says "You're a good little pianist Cledwyn but that's all you'll ever amount to.

Selwyn's a true performer, he gives his all".


When Selwyn collapses on stage, well-wishers raise money for a convalescent home in Abergele, 'He may have been sitting in the Land of our Fathers with a rug round his knees, but in his heart he was already on his way, to America'.


The Boff Brothers get a job on board a cruise ship sailing to NEW YORK.

'Sel lay on his bunk like the Queen of Sheba, cucumber slices over his eyelids and curlers in his quiff'.


On their second Atlantic crossing, Sel is spotted by a Los Angeles refrigeration tycoon.

"Bring him out West, ask me, he can't fail Mr Starlight! and that was how he got his name".


As Mr Starlight becomes a huge hit in the States, Cledwyn, who feels left behind, decides to return to ENGLAND.

'You telling all to the newspapers? I'll bet you got some weird stuff on him.

He's not quite right is he?'.


Cled settles for married life and a bed and breakfast in Llandudno.

Out of the blue, Sel telephones Mam.


At the top of his tree, when Sel returns home to Las Vegas, he takes Mam with him.


Rumours surrounding Mr Starlight are fuelled by a failed engagement.


Sel has fallen so far out of fashion that he comes back in as the new presenter of a daytime show, but when Cled joins him in Vegas he's concerned by his brother's appearance.

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Despite his illness Selwyn launches a new high-octane diamond-studded season at the Flamingo Lounge.