Mr Entertainment

David Jacobs presents a six-part series recalling the astonishing career of Sammy Davis Jr.



This first programme recalls his show-business debut, and features archive recordings of some of his most memorable performances. With contributions from Davis's biographer Burt Boyar, Leonard Maltin and Pat Marshall.


This programme focuses on Davis Jr's move from the clubs of Las Vegas to a career in stage musicals. Featuring music from `Mr Wonderful' and contributions from Leslie Bricusse and Leonard Maltin, as well as archive recordings of Sammy himself.


This programme looks at how he took London by storm.


This edition looks at his time in Las Vegas with the Rat Pack.


This edition looks at the strains that took their toll on his marriage, his money and his health as he tackled a Broadway musical, a movie and a weekly television show all at the same time. Contributors include Bruce Forsyth, Lionel Blair and Sy Marsh.

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This final programme looks at how his embrace of Republican Richard Nixon lost him his friends, features his only number one hit `Mr Candy Man', and explores his battle against throat cancer. Contributors include Burt Boyar, Max Bygraves and Engelbert Humperdinck.