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Lynne recalls his early career, meeting Roy Wood, joining The Move and forming ELO.
The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon presents a two-part documentary exploring the illustrious 30-year career of Jeff Lynne.
In this first programme, Lynne recalls his early career in Birmingham, meeting Roy Wood, joining The Move and forming the pioneering Electric Light Orchestra. First broadcast in 2001.

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Concludes a look at Jeff Lynne's career and covers his departure from ELO and later work.
Neil Hannon concludes a two-part look at the illustrious career of Jeff Lynne.
Lynne talks about taking ELO into the 80s and then quitting the band to move into production work for the likes of Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Paul McCartney. He also talks about the 2001 release of Zoom, the first ELO album for 15 years.
First broadcast in 2001.