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20080516Investigation. John McGurk, former editor of The Scotsman, asks how long Scottish-owned daily titles can continue in the face of tough competition from London-based publications.
20080616Investigation. Care for Scotland's elderly and vulnerable is being auctioned off by councils leading to a crisis in the industry. Mark Daley investigates the consequences.
20080707Investigation. A look into the controversial claims surrounding the cause of childhood asthma which are resulting in court cases and a reconsideration of housing stock.
Mother Tongue: Enticed by a promise of a better quality of life, over 62,000 migrant workers have come to Scotland since EU accession in 2004 and many have brought their families with them. Today there are 138 languages spoken by more than 28,000 pupils; 3,595 of whom speak no English. Ken Macdonald asks whether the education of Scottish school children - both native and new to the country - is suffering due to increasing numbers of pupils who can't speak English.
20080915Investigation.|As another education campaign is launched to encourage mothers to breastfeed, Ruth Davidson examines why breastfeeding rates in Scotland remain stubbornly low.