The Morning After

A new series of short plays by women writers inspired by recent news headlines - five personal responses to the bigger picture.



by Chloe Moss

A family show down ensues when 60 year old Margaret refuses point blank to go to LONDON to visit her son Michael because of the electricity black out.

Margaret....Ann Rye

Audrey....Eileen O'Brien

Michael....Terrence Mann

Jackie....Rina Mahoney

02Heads Together20040831

By Ruth Collett

A YORKshire hairdressing salon is the unlikely setting for a debate about the 'gay gene' and Victorian phrenology.

Guy....Kevin Harvey

Tracy....Laurietta Essien

Brenda....Eileen O'Brien.

03Spirit's Sunday Drive20040901

By Linda McLean

An eerie Mars landscape is the setting for this unusual encounter between Spirit, the new, sharp American space probe and Beagle 2, its SLEEPy British counterpart.

Spirit....Henry Goodman

Beagle....Kevin Harvey.

04A Good Doctor20040902

By Rebecca Prichard

The day after Harold Shipman commits suicide, Mary remembers the day she rescued her friend Sylvia from his clutches.

Sylvia....Eileen O'Brien

Mo....Judith Davis

Doctor....Richard Cole.

05 LASTSomething Borrowed20040903

By Winsome Pinnock

A marriage of convenience is transformed when the prospective bride and groom experience a crisis of conscience when they hear about the Chinese cocklers tragedy in Morecambe Bay.

Peter....Segun Lee French

Yemi....Kevin Harvey

Sophie....Christine Brennan

Carol....Rina Mahoney

Tony....Richard Cole

Meg....Eileen O'Brien

Stan....Terrence Mann.