More Stories From Carnbeg

By Ronald Frame

Five new tales set in and around the small Perthshire spa town of Carnbeg.

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AR01Blind Shot20041004By Ronald Frame|Five new tales set in and around the small Perthshire spa town of Carnbeg.In 1959 a Glasgow businessman with a holiday home in Carnbeg reaches his fiftieth birthday and decides its time to bow to convention and choose a wife from among the local ladies.|But Donald Walkinshaw's method of selection is briskly unconventional.|Read by Paul Young.
AR02Bull20041005The frisky young bull picked its way gingerly towards the recessed entrance.|Its horns just avoided bringing down the hanging basket of flowers.|It walked on, into the china shop.
AR03The Evening News20041006"Loch Bragar was unchangeably itself, as were the mountains.|For Una, that meant God was in charge; for Bill it meant the doings of humans count for very little in the final reckoning."|Read by Eileen McCallum.
AR04The Adventures Of Rosie Applecheeks20041007A frustrated author finds unexpected success as a writer of children's books.|But the books' obstinate young heroine threatens to take over Meg Marshall's life.|Read by Irene MacDougall.
AR05 LASTBen The Hoose20041008