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Series of short stories based on the vintage children's TV series, written by Eric Thompson.

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01Temporary Fault20070326Series of short stories based on the vintage children's TV series, written by Eric Thompson.The friends audition to be television announcers, a hilarious process that takes the rivalry between Dougal and Brian to new heights.|Ermintrude to the Rescue|Plans are afoot to sell the garden to make way for a motorway, unless the friends can come up with the funds to buy the garden back. Efforts to persuade Dougal to get a job to raise the required £2m are not going well, when Ermintrude suggests digging for buried treasure. The results are surprising.|Read by Emma Thompson.
0220070327Dougal stirs up a storm, and the roundabout is bent out of shape. Repairing it is tricky, but Dougal turns out to be the ideal tool.
Read by Phyllida Law
0320070328An escaped lion from the nearby visiting circus cause panic among the friends. Brian embarks on a climbing expedition, but his choice of mountain is rather surprising.
Read by Sophie Thompson
0420070329Dougal is an unwilling participant when it comes to running and the French prove to be formidable opponents when challenged to a game of rugby.|Read by Phyllida Law
05 LAST20070330Zebedee's moustache goes missing, and Dougal and friends find themselves campaigning for the rights of the butterfly.
Read by Emma Thompson.