Moonstone, The [cs]

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022011013020110205 (R4)Kenneth Cranham as Sergeant Cuff, Paul Rhys as Franklin Blake, Eleanor Bron as Lady Verinder and Steve Hodson as Betteridge star in the second episode of Doug Lucie's dramatisation of Wilkie Collins's detective masterpiece.|Sergeant Cuff begins his investigation into the missing diamond, with Betteridge the butler acting as his sidekick. The once happy household on the Yorkshire coast is thrown into disarray as the servants feel themselves suspected, especially poor Rosanna Spearman who is a reformed thief. Is she guilty just because she behaves oddly and what is it she appears to have hidden in the dreadful quicksand? Sergeant Cuff seems to think the real guilt lies elsewhere but has he any evidence? What is Rachel Verinder hiding as she refuses to speak to either the Detective or even her mother? And where is her Moonstone now? A tragedy is about to happen as the pressure of suspicion mounts.|Cast:|Sergeant Cuff - Kenneth Cranham|Lady Verinder - Eleanor Bron|Rachel Verinder - Jasmine Hyde|Betteridge - Steve Hodson|Franklin Blake - Paul Rhys|Rosanna Spearman - Alison Pettitt|Godfrey Ablewhite - Mark Straker|Penelope - Clare Corbett|Mrs Yolland - Carolyn Pickles|Recorded on location by Lucinda Mason Brown|Music by David Chilton|Dramatised by Doug Lucie|Produced by Janet Whitaker|A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4.