Month Of Matinees, A [6 Music]

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6MWith Simon Pegg20091206December's A Month of Sundays turns into A Month of Matinees as Simon Pegg hosts the first of four shows presented by British actors or directors.|Writer, comedian and director Simon Pegg launches A Month of Matinees with two hours of music that's helped to shape his career and personal life.|Simon takes us back to the days of being a Goth, which he decided wasn't for him following a painful wardrobe malfunction.|We hear of scrapes with Jay Z, Coldplay's Chris Martin walking around with his trousers down and attacking Zombies with limited edition vinyl.|The Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz star gives us an insight into the thinking process behind these scripts and where he gets his inspiration from.|And yes Trekky fans, Simon tells us what it's like to operate the Starship Enterprise.|The other presenters for A Month of Matinees are Martin Freeman (13th Dec), Edgar Wright (20th Dec) and Bill Nighy (27th Dec).|Simon Pegg presents two hours of music that shaped his career and personal life.