Monday Play - The Paganini Dream, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19971124]|By Max Hillman. A young musician receives a night-time visit from|Paganini, who tells him that the only way to achieve perfection in his playing is to have his heart broken. with Peter Shorey. Sunny Ormonde. Simon Ham , David Bannerman , Rachel Atkins , Max Hillman , James Richards , Flora Spencer Longhurst and Tracey Briggs. Music by Sonny James Lovell and Max Hillman with Street Level Director Kristine Landon-Smith
Genome: [r4 Bd=19971124] Unknown: Max Hillman.|Unknown: Peter Shorey.|Unknown: Simon Ham|Unknown: David Bannerman|Unknown: Rachel Atkins|Unknown: James Richards|Unknown: Flora Spencer Longhurst|Unknown: Tracey Briggs.|Music By: Sonny James Lovell|Music By: Max Hillman|Director: Kristine Landon-Smith|Wyatt: Freddie Jones|Miss Stroud: Maggie Steed