Monday Play - The Chicago Conspiracy Trial, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19930823]Dramatised from the trial transcripts by Peter Goodchild and recorded in the studios of WFMT Chicago.|Twenty-five years ago, the streets of Chicago erupted into violent confrontation between police and demonstrators. There followed one of the most compelling and bizarre trials in American legal history.|Featuring the voices of Thomas Foran and William Kunstler (lawyers); David Dellinger , Tom Hayden and Bobby Seale (defendants); Jean Fritz (juror) and Margie Fritz-Birch ; John Schultz (historian); Studs Terkel (journalist) and Allen Ginsberg (witness). ,|, , , , , American producer Susan Albert Lowenberg|Directed by Martin Jenkins and John Theochans|A BBC/Los Angeles Theatre Works/WFMTCofroduction
Genome: [r4 Bd=19930823] Unknown: Peter Goodchild|Unknown: Thomas Foran|Unknown: William Kunstler|Unknown: David Dellinger|Unknown: Tom Hayden|Unknown: Bobby Seale|Unknown: Jean Fritz|Unknown: Margie Fritz-Birch|Unknown: John Schultz|Unknown: Allen Ginsberg|Producer: Susan Albert Lowenberg|Directed By: Martin Jenkins|Directed By: John Theochans|Judge Hoffman: George Murdoch|Thomas Foran: Gary Houston|Richard Schultz: Tom Amandes|William Kunstler: Mike Nussbaum|Leonard Weinglass: Jeff Still|Bobby Seale: E Milton Wheeler|Tom Hayden: Kevin Gudahl|David Dellinger: Tony Mockus|Abbte Hoffman: David Schwimmer|Allen Ginsberg: Richard Fire|Pierson/Frapolly: Andrew White|Mayor Daley/Marshall: George Czarnecki|Deputy Mayor Stahl: Ron West|Kristi King/Linda Morse: Christine Dunford|Mrs PetersonlClerk: Peggy Roeder|Spectators: Brian McChristian|Spectators: Chet Grissom|Spectators: Michael Quaintance|Spectators: Jonathan F McClain|Spectators: Dayna Worland|Spectators: Carl Coash|Spectators: Tangy Harper