Monday Play - Swine, The

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19970915]|By Diane Samuels. A young Asian girl discovers that her local mosque has been desecrated and daubed with racist slogans. A rabbi finds her cemetery vandalised. Then both women inexplicably disappear. Muslim, Jewish and Christian lives become entwined in a common mission. with Joe McGann , Stephen Critchlow ,|Samantha Glenn , Jessica Hodson , Jamila Massey , Antony Zaki , Wazidui Hoque|Choudhury, Reza SM Ali, Roger May. Madhav Sharma , Pauline Letts , Zulema Dene ,|Barbara Dryhurst , Kim Wall , John Hartley , David Timson and Jane Whittenshaw.|Music by Ilona Sekacz. Percussionist Anthony Kerr. Director Tracey Neale Repeat
Genome: [r4 Bd=19970915] |Unknown: Diane Samuels.|Unknown: Joe McGann|Unknown: Stephen Critchlow|Unknown: Samantha Glenn|Unknown: Jessica Hodson|Unknown: Jamila Massey|Unknown: Antony Zaki|Unknown: Wazidui Hoque|Unknown: Roger May.|Unknown: Madhav Sharma|Unknown: Pauline Letts|Unknown: Zulema Dene|Unknown: Barbara Dryhurst|Unknown: Kim Wall|Unknown: John Hartley|Unknown: David Timson|Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw.|Music By: Ilona Sekacz.|Unknown: Anthony Kerr.|Director: Tracey Neale|Ayesha: Rina Mahoney|Judith: Jane Bertish