Monday Play - Fatherland

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19970609]

John Dryden 's dramatisation of Robert Harris 's bestselling novel. 1964: Nazi Germany has won the war. Detective Xavier March is asked to investigate the suspicious death of a retired German senior civil servant. His enquiries lead him to uncover a terrifying secret. with Andrew Sachs , Amanda Walker. Patrick Godfrey. Michael Byrne. Ian Gelder , Angeline Ball , William Scott Masson. Stratford Johns, Eleanor Bron , Michael Culver , Dan Fineman , Alice Arnold , Trevor Nichols , Ned Sherrin , Jonathan Coleman and Alan Dedicoat Director John Dryden

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19970609]

Unknown: John Dryden

Unknown: Robert Harris

Unknown: Xavier March

Unknown: Andrew Sachs

Unknown: Amanda Walker.

Unknown: Patrick Godfrey.

Unknown: Michael Byrne.

Unknown: Ian Gelder

Unknown: Angeline Ball

Unknown: William Scott Masson.

Unknown: Eleanor Bron

Unknown: Michael Culver

Unknown: Dan Fineman

Unknown: Alice Arnold

Unknown: Trevor Nichols

Unknown: Ned Sherrin

Unknown: Jonathan Coleman

Unknown: Alan Dedicoat

Director: John Dryden

Xavier March: Anton Lesser

Krause: Graham Padden

Jost: Robert Portal

Max Jarger: Peter Ellis

Pili: Thomas Copeland