Moby Dick

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02 LAST20101030Herman Melville's classic tale of adventure on the high seas.|In this last episode Ishmael comes to the end of the story of what he witnessed as a young man, a story that has haunted him ever since.|Captain Ahab, himself now rarely sleeping or eating, ignores the need of the crew for rest and presses on in his obsessive quest for the white whale.|After The Pequod is battered by a ferocious typhoon, first mate Starbuck is presented with an opportunity to prevent what seems an inevitable tragedy.|To succeed he must overcome his milder nature and steel his nerve.|But, in the end, it is Ahab's will that is the stronger, and it seems that nothing can prevent the boiling, wrenching climax, as the maddened whale turns on the ship.|Adapted by Stef Penney, winner of the Costa Award for Best First Novel and overall Costa Best Novel Award in 2007 with her first novel The Tenderness of Wolves.|Cast:|Ishmael - Trevor White|Young Ishmael - PJ Brennan|Captain Ahab - Garrick Hagon|Peter Coffin - Howell Evans|Queequeg - Sani Muliaumaseali'i|Captain Boomer - Mark Meadows|Captain Mayhew - Dorian Thomas|Starbuck/Gabriel - Richard Laing|Stubb - Simon Lee Phillips|Archy - Adam Redmayne|Daggoo - Kobna Holdbrook-Smith|Specially composed music by Stuart Gordon.|Produced and Directed at BBC/Cymru Wales by Kate McAll.|Captain Ahab's obsessive pursuit of the white whale reaches its tragic climax.