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Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present an eclectic mix of musical styles and influences.
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Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a double bill of performances given at Dance Base last week as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Featuring the dreamy atmospheres of the Bill Wells Trio and other-worldy ballads from Pinkie Maclure and her band.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce an eclectic selection of music on CD, as well as highlights from last Monday's London Jazz Festival concert by Irmin Schmidt and Kumo.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall favourite tracks from this year's alternative music releases.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a concert featuring Leeds-based four-piece Hood, singer-songwriter Ben Christophers, and Spaceheads.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present an eclectic mix of new music, and talk to DJ and Mo'Wax label founder James Lavelle.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a concert from the Ocean in Hackney, London, featuring two acts from Iceland - Curver and Minus. Plus free-folk quartet Volcano the Bear.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present eclectic sounds on CD and investigate SuperCollider, a computer language that generates music.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell are joined in the studio by the extraordinary Icelandic singer Bjork, who talks about her eclectic musical influences and her richly varied albums.


A concert recorded at the Ocean in Hackney, London, featuring two duos combining electronics and guitar - Capitol K and Leafcutter John, and Scanner and David Cunningham.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce eclectic CD sounds and talk to rock producer Steve Albini, curator of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival, about his favourite performers.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce a studio session by San Francisco duo Blectum from Blechdom, and Blevin and Kevin talk about their work.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell talk to samplist Matthew Herbert about recent projects, which include mixes for Moloko and Bjork, film soundtracks and live appearances.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce a session from Finnish techno act Pan Sonic.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present an eclectic mix of new music on CD and introduce studio guests Mouse on Mars.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present eclectic sounds from music's cutting edge and preview David Bowie's Meltdown Festival.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce eclectic sounds from music's cutting edge, including the Chicago one-man-band the Lonesome Organist.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce Senor Coconut's Latin arrangements of Kraftwerk and the other-worldly songs of Mercury Rev.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, including an interview with New Yorker El-P about his innovative approach to hip-hop.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce new music, including a session by sound artist Lawrence English, aka I/O, who is part of Australia's thriving electronica scene.


A concert from August 2001 featuring singer-songwriter Sandy Dillon, Rothko and a dance/qawwali fusion from Fundamental and the Rizwan Muazzam Qawwal.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a live performance from New Jersey's Yo La Tengo, recorded at the West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of the Fuse Leeds 04 Festival.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report on the alternative music scene in Montréal, and talk to turntablist Martin Tétreault, Mexican-American singer Lhasa, hip hop producer Sixtoo and members of the influential experimental rock band Godspeed You Black Emperor!.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a double bill from the ICA in London, featuring the Berlin-based singer and electronica producer Kevin Blechdom and the defiantly experimental Fiery Furnaces.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present highlights of a set by tuba player Oren Marshall, as part of this year's London Jazz Festival.

Plus electronic composer Philip Clemo and his sextet, including Clive Bell (Asian flutes), Tom Chant (soprano saxophone), John Edwards (double bass), Pete Lockett (percussion) and Mark Sanders (drums and percussion).

Recorded at The Spitz.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a session by the Italian improvising trio Zu, in collaboration with electronic musician Nobukazu Takemura.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a session by the duo of Trevor Watts (saxophones) and Jamie Harris (percussion), in collaboration with Mexican instrument builder Gibrán Cervantes.


With Mark Russell and Robert Sandall, featuring a specially recorded acoustic session by San Francisco based singer songwriter John Vanderslice.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present highlights from Urban Classic, a collaborative live event recorded at the Hackney Empire in London. It brought together MCs Bruza, Tor, Pase, Purple and Faith SFX, with grime producer DaVinChe, jazz musician Jason Yarde, and the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Charles Hazlewood


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a session by the Angolan-born instrument builder and musician Victor Gama, in collaboration with fellow sound artist and inventor Max Eastley.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences; featuring an interview and studio session with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report from LA. Guests include electronic musician Ken Gibson, guitarist and producer Ry Cooder and Frank Zappa collaborator Don Preston.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall continue their special report from LA. With hip hop producer Madlib, film composer Jon Brion, guitarist Nels Cline, sound artist Akira Rabelais and drummer John French.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a session by the Akashic Ensemble, an improvising electronics trio led by Los Angeles-based keyboard player and one-time Frank Zappa collaborator Don Preston - with Andre Cholmondeley (guitar, samples) and Cheri Jiosne (drum synth, samples).


Introduced by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring a specially recorded studio session by San Francisco-based experimental rock group Deerhoof.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall are joined by writer and musician David Toop to discuss the influence and legacy of Miles Davis' early electric period.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a studio session by Wevie Stonder, who combine electronic music, live instruments and unpredictable narrative.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a live improvised solo set by Norwegian singer Maja Ratkje, using electronic processing to extend her voice, recorded at the Bath International Music Festival.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present an eclectic mix of music, including a special session recording of electronic artist Leafcutter John in collaboration with the drummer Seb Rochford.


Ewawoowa: Origins and Theory of the Tape Cut-up (2.00)

Ewawoowa is Mixing It listener Andrew Watson of Streatham, South London. This track comes from a 4-track home-recorded demo that he sent into the programme. It features cut-up samples of the voice of maverick American writer (and exponent of his own cut-up style) William Burroughs.

Not commercially available


Pajo: Wrong Turn (4.00)

This comes from the new album by the multi-instrumentalist whose CV includes stints with Slint, Tortoise and Zwan, and who has also recorded as Papa M and Aerial M.

album: 1968

Drag City DC315CD




The Elysian Quartet: String Quartet no.1 (Gabriel Prokofiev) - second movement; String Quartet no.1 (Gabriel Prokofiev) - second and third movement, remixed by Max De Wardener (7.24)

The Elysian Quartet formed in 1999 at Trinity College of Music and features Emma Smith, Jenny May Logan (violins), Vince Sipprell (viola) and Laura Moody (cello). Here they are playing a composition by the DJ and producer Gabriel Prokofiev (grandson of composer Sergei Prokofiev).

album: Gabriel Prokofiev String Quartet no.1

Nonclassical NONCLSSV001



A Hawk and a Hacksaw: Salt Water; There is a River in Galisteo (4.06)

A Hawk and a Hacksaw is Jeremy Barnes (drums/accordion) and Heather Trost (violin). They recorded this album in the remote Romanian village of Zece Prajini with the Balkan group Fanfare Ciocarlia (they won the Radio 3 Award for World Music Europe section this year). The collaboration came about through Heather's interest in Eastern European music. They finished the album back in the US with the help of trumpeter Zach Condon.

album: The Way the Wind Blows

The Leaf Label BAY 51CD




Click here for more on Fanfare Ciocarlia

Badawi: I Said Oblivion (4.40)

On this new album, the multi-instrumentalist Raz Mesinai has been joined by an impressive list of guest players: Eyvind Kang and Mark Feldman (violins), Marc Ribot (guitar), Jane Scarpanton (cello), Marcus Rojas (tuba) and Shahzad Ismaily (bass).

album: Safe

Asphodel ASP 2030



Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: Condition of the Heart (4.44)

Susanna Karolina Wallumrød (vocals) and Morten Qvenild (piano/cembalo/autoharp/vibraphone/church organ/keyboards) appeared some time ago on Mixing It interpreting the Dolly Parton song Jolene. They're back with an album of cover versions, including toned-down rockers by the likes of AC/DC and Kiss. This is a Prince song.

album: Melody Mountain

Rune Grammofon RCD2057



Click here to read an interview with this artist

Calika: The Bright Spot (5.40)

Calika is the Brighton-based musician Simon Kealoha. This album is part of a series called the 'Mineral Series' and put out by Scottish electronic label Benbecula. The idea is to release an album a month, so that the music can be heard more quickly.

album: The Bright Spot

Benbecula Records Minerals Series BEN518



Easy Star All*Stars: Fitter Happier (2.19)

This is the follow-up to Easy Star All*Stars reggae interpretation of Dark Side of the Moon entitled Dub Side of the Moon. Now they have given the same treatment to Radiohead's 1997 classic OK Computer.

Vocals by Menny More; Easy Star All*Stars are Michael Goldwasser (guitar/melodica/piano/clavinet/organ/synthesiser/electric piano/percussion/producer/arranger); Victor Rice (bass/melodica/percussion); Ivan 'Ive 09' Katz (drums/percussion); Jeremy Mage (piano/electric piano/glockenspiel); Jenny Hill (saxophone/flute); Buford O'Sullivan (trombone); Junior Jazz (guitar/vocals); Tamar-Kali, Menny More, Daddy Lion Chandell (vocals); Renard Shy 'Ras I-Ray' (bass); Pam Fleming (trumpet/flugelhorn); Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah (organ/clavinet); Eddie Ocampo (drums/percussion); Wayne Wiggum (guitar/percussion); Zeno Pittarelli (cello)

album: Radiodread

Easy Star ES-1014


Radiohead: Skttrbrain (Four Tet Remix) (4.25)

This comes from a new double album showcasing the remix talents of Kieran Hebden. This version of the Radiohead song originally appeared on Radiohead's 2+2=5 CD single.

album: FourTet Remixes

Domino WIGCD180



Formication: Rise of the Native (6.47)

Formication are Kingsley Ravenscroft and Alec Bowman from Newark in Nottinghamshire.

This track 'embraces the art of chaos and the migraine'.

album: Redux

Harmful Records 003CDR



Department of Eagles: Sailing by Night remixed by Tunng (3.38)

Department of Eagles is the Brooklyn duo of Daniel Rossen (vocals/guitars) and Fred Nicolaus (beats/samples). This track originally appeared on last year's acclaimed album The Cold Nose. Here it has been given the remix treatment by London's electronic folk collective Tunng.

B-side to Romo Goth/Sailing by Night CD single

Melodic MELO 038CD





Bryan Ferry with Antony : Lowlands Low (2.35)

This track comes from a project overseen by producer Hal Willner, and executive produced by Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski (who collaborated on the Pirates of the Caribbean films).

It consists of 43 specially recorded tracks featuring likely and unlikely performers.

This is a version of a classic 'Halyard Chantey' once popular in the West Indies, and referring to the Netherlands.

Bryan Ferry (vocals); Antony (vocals); Kate St.

John (oboe/musical director); Warren Ellis (violin/musical director); Peter Stanley (banjo); Rory McFarlane (bass); Andy Newmark (drums); Martyn Barker (percussion)

Recorded at Sanctuary/Townhouse Studios, London

album: Rogue's Gallery - Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys

Anti 6817-2


Mouse on Mars: Chartnok (4.02)

Mouse on Mars is the duo of Andi Toma and Jan St Werner from Düsseldorf in Germany.

This is their first release on Mike Patton's Ipecac record label.

Recorded St Martin Ton Studio, Düsseldorf

album: Varcharz

Ipecac Recordings IPC 79




Mister Who: Oceans (3.32)

This track by the 29 year-old MC is about walking from Streatham in South London to Brixton Station, and the cacophony of street sounds to be heard en route.

CD single

Dual Amp/Grinnin' Records



Steve Reich: Proverb (Alex Smoke Remix) (10.03)

American icon of minimalism Steve Reich is 70 years old this year.

There are many events taking place around the world to celebrate this, including a series at the Barbican Centre in London.

Nonesuch Records are also releasing a 5 CD retrospective of his work, and an extra CD of remixes, which includes this one by Glasgow based producer and DJ Alex Smoke.

album: Reich: Remixed 2006

Nonesuch NS006T

Proverb originally appeared on the 1996 Steve Reich album Proverb/Nagoya Marimbas/City Life (Nonesuch 7559 79430 2)



Click here for details of the Steve Reich season at the Barbican

Nina Nastasia: Jim's Room (2.32)

This comes from Nina Nastasia's new album, described by the artist herself as 'more sad than mad', and elsewhere as 'a praxis of minimalism'.

It's engineered by Steve Albini.

album: On Leaving

FatCat FATCD47


S**tmat remixed by the notorious c.h.a.v.: Ketamine Cauliflower (Broccolli dub mix) (3.49)

Henry Collinz, aka S**tmat, was working on a new album when his laptop's hard drive gave up.

He passed on what he had already recorded to his label, and they passed it on to a bunch of remixers to finish.

This is what Club Quiet founder Dan Powell, formerly with OMSK , came up with.

album: The Hardrive Cessation Termination

Spirit of Gravity SOG006, Tr.6


Nitwood: Wardsness (5.57)

Nitwood is a London 3-piece consisting of former Higsons member Simon Charterton (drums/percussion/lead vocal) with Richard Duguid (keyboards) and Colin Young (bass).

They are joined on this track by Terry Edwards (normally noted for his trumpet/sax playing) on guitar.

album: Nitwood

Sartorial FIT 016



Bridges: Når et står her på dei høge nutar (3.58)

This was recorded 4 June 2005 in Guiyang , and came about from a project instigated by the Norwegian Concert Institute.

In the winter of 2003-2004 they sent Norwegian folk singer Unni Løvlid on a tour to the Guizhou Province in China where she worked with the Dong people.

Four of the musicians she met there visited Norway in exchange, and in 2005 Unni returned to Ghuizhou to play a series of concerts, which led to the recording of this album.

Wu Chuan Ping, Lu Yingmei, Pan Xin Zhi, Unni Løvlid (vocals); Wu Anhua Dongliang (vocal/dong pipe/ox-bone fiddle/dong flute/lusheng); Frode Haltli (accordion); Terje Isungset (percussion)

album: Bridges - Live in China

Heilo HCD 7201



Roedelius: Regenmacher (6.21)

As well as being widely considered one of the founders of contemporary electronic music, Hans Joachim Roedelius was a member of the Krautrock band Cluster, and has worked with many of the Krautrock legends, including Holger Czukay and Connie Plank.

He has also released many solo recordings which form the basis of this new compilation covering 5 decades of activity.

Roedelius (percussion/bass/keyboards); Connie Plank (synthesiser/percussion); Moebius (synthesiser melody)

album: Roedelius Works 1968-2005 (sampler)

Grönland Records CDGRON39



Serafina Steer: Peach Heart (4.01)

Serafina Steer is a harpist and vocalist who was recommended to Mixing It by a listener in Switzerland.

We tracked her down and she sent us the 5-track demo from which this track, co-produced by Mike Lindsay of Tunng, is taken.

It will be appearing later this year on Serafina's debut album on the Static Caravan label.

She describes it as 'a gruesome fairy tale'.



Carl Hancock Rux: Behind the Curtain (4.10)

Carl Hancock Rux (lead and background vocals); Kwame Brandt Pierce (piano/keyboards); Jason DeMatteo (bass); Chris Eddleton (drums); Jaco van Schalkwyk (samples/noise programming)

album: Good Bread Alley

Thirsty Ear Recordings THI-57168.2



John Wall: cphon (2003-2005) (6.20)

John Wall is a British composer who specialises in creating pieces which contain thousands of tiny samples. This is an extract from a new 20 minute piece.

album: cphon

Utterpsalm CD7


Sergeant Buzfuz: Swallows (4.30)

Sergeant Buzfuz is based around the song writing of Joe Murphy, who aims for the missing link between British folk music and contemporary urban concerns.

Kate Arnold (hammered dulcimer/violin/vocals/percussion); Jon Clayton (cello/bass/xylophone/backing vocals/percussion); Eilish McCracken (violin/whistle/backing vocals/percussion); Joe Murphy (guitar/vocals/percussion/accordion/piano); Martin Parker (drums/singing bowl/percussion)

album: The Jewelled Carriageway

Blang Records BLANG 2



London Sinfonietta: AFX237 V7. (5.30)

This collaboration between pioneering electronic record label Warp and contemporary music specialists the London Sinfonietta was first aired at the Royal Festival Hall in March 2003, and again in Brighton and Liverpool the following March. This arrangement of the Aphex Twin track from the Drukqs album was done by David Horne.

album: London Sinfonietta - Warp Works and Twentieth Century Masters

Warp Records WARPCD144




Aphex Twin: AFX237 V7. (4.20)

album: Drukqs

Warp Records WARPCD92


Click here for a review of this album

Porest: We Eat The People; Mach Mach (3.40)

Porest is the project of Mark Gergis, a cut-up specialist operating from Oakland , California. This album has been a hit on alternative radio on America 's East Coast, with its oblique overview of American foreign policy.

We Eat The People features the Benevolent Hunger Choir: Liz Allbee, Peter Conheim and Porest

album: Tourrorists!

Abduction Records ABDT 034

Abduction Records, PO Box 9611 , Seattle , WA 98109 USA


Wormhole: Ghost of the Possible (3.15)

Wormhole are a trio from Newcastle Upon Tyne , consisting of Bennett Hogg (violin/viola/piano), John Ferguson (guitar/percussion/noise) and Gwilly Edmondez (double bass/SU10)

Recorded at Newcastle University , 2 July 2005

album: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Kakutopia CD2


Yo La Tengo: Mr Tough (4.00)

This is the first single to be taken from the new Yo La Tengo album I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass. Yo La Tengo are Ira Kaplan (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Georgia Hubley (drums/vocals) and James McNew (bass/vocals/drums).

CD single

Matador OLE-742-6



Noxagt: Histrionix (4.05)

Hailing from Stavanger in Norway , Noxagt is the heavy metal trio of Anders Hana (baritone), Kjetil D Brandsdal (bass) and Jan Christian Lauritzen (drums).

album: Noxagt

Load Records LOAD 069



Colleen: What is a Componium? - part 1 (6.45)

This track was recorded by Colleen in Paris , and made entirely using music boxes. Colleen is Parisienne Cécille Schott, and this is taken from a new mini album of music commissioned and originally created for the Atelier de Création Radiophonique on French radio station France Culture, 2006.

album: Colleen et les boîtes à musique

The Leaf Label BAY 53CD




Leichtmetall: Au bord de la Seine (2.40)

Leichtmetall are a German band. This album's title translates as 'we are flowers'.

album: Wir Sind Blumen

Karaoke Kalk CD36



Dani Siciliano: They Can Wait (4.46)

Although born and brought up in America , Dani Siciliano now lives in the UK , where she regularly collaborates with Matthew Herbert. This comes from her new album (her second) which takes as its starting point her frustration at 'the lack of positive female role models on the contemporary pop scene'.

album: Slappers

!K7 Records !K7201CD


Niobe: Well and Wise (with St. Lindemer) (4.02)

Niobe is the work of Cologne resident Yvonne Cornelius, who creates her vocal style with the use of 'tongue sounds', which she then subjects to various electronic treatments.

album: White Hats

Tomlab TOM 72



Dave Draper: Erg; Osm (4.20)

These two tracks were recorded as live without overdubs, and all sounds originate from electric guitar. Erg features an electric guitar through a ring modulator and three delay/samplers. Osm also uses the ring modulator and samplers. Both are extracts from longer pieces.

album: OTIC

China Pig Productions CPPCD002

China Pig Productions, 116 Rushmore Road , London E5 0EX

Little Axe: If I Had My Way (4.09)

Little Axe is Skip McDonald, formerly with the Sugar Hill house band, and Adrian Sherwood's On-U sound crew. This new album is named after his home state, and explores themes of 'blues and spirituality'.

album: Stone Cold Ohio

RealWorld CDRW140


ZAUM: Arc Light (7.00)

This band was put together by Pinski Zoo drummer Steve Harris. They specialise in group improvisation. This track comes from their 2002 album which was recorded in performance at the Study Gallery in Poole, Dorset. Their 2004 album Above Our Heads the Sky Splits Open (SLAM Records CD 258) appeared in the end-of-year best-of polls of both Jazz Review and The Wire.

Steve Harris (drums); Cathy Stevens (six string 'violectra'/viola); Geoff Hearn (tenor sax/soprano sax); Karen Wimhurst (clarinet/bass clarinet); Udo Dzierzanowski (guitar)

album: ZAUM

SLAM Productions SLAMCD 253



Trost: Guy le superhero (3.46)

Annika Line Trost worked with Shizuo and Atari Teenage Riot before forming her own band Cobra Killer with Gina V DoriO and releasing the catchily-titled single Tattoo Your Name on My Ass.

On this track: Thomas Wydler (drums/vibraphone); Jan Schade (cellos); Yoyo Röhm (double bass)

album: Trust Me

Four Music FOR 82876821372



Click here for a review of this album

Clark : Matthew Unburdened (4.35)

Formerly known as Chris Clark, the first name has been dropped for this new album, which takes the conventional instrumentation of rock and subjects it to a number of modifications.

album: Body Riddle

Warp Records WARPCD149


DJ Shadow: 3 Freaks (3.47)

This is from the third album by Josh Davis, aka DJ Shadow. It was influenced by two momentous events in his life: the near-loss of his wife and twin daughters during child-birth, and his near fatal crash in a London minicab. The featured rappers here are Alabama 's Keak Da Sneak and the Bay Area's Turf Talk.

album: The Outsider



Click here for a review of this album

The Yellin String Quartet featuring Joan Wasser: Fais Dodo (2.26)

SHELL: Centipedes Have Needs, Too (1.54)

These two tracks come from a compilation sent to Mixing It by Justin Wiggan of Dreams Of Tall Buildings. It was put together by the fanzine Robots and Electronic Brains, and showcases work from 5 labels. These tracks both originally appeared on the Abaton Book Company label. The first one comes from the Elliott Sharp/Lauri Bortz opera A Modicum of Passion. The Yellin String Quartet is Amy Kimball (violin), Garo Yellin (cello), Conrad Harris (violin) and Stephanie Griffin (viola). The second track is from an album called Shell is Swell by a duo called Marianne and Donna, who go by the name of SHELL.

album: Telephone: Smethwick 2341-2

Rokit Records herbie7

Free with Robots and Electronic Brains #15





Boxcutter: Tauhid (4.46)

Dubstep is big in the underground clubs of London at the moment, but this slice of the genre comes from a guitarist and producer called Barry Lynn who lives in Northern Ireland. Alongside the dub reggae and electro influences lies the influence of jazz greats John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders (after whose 1966 album this track is named).

12" single

Planet Mu Records ZIQ146


Squarepusher: Plotinus (7.35)

This is from Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher's tenth album.

album: Hello Everything

Warp Records WARPCD148


Click here for details of Squarepusher's appearance at the BBC Electric Proms 06

The Nice: America (6.19)

Keith Emerson (organ); Davy O'List (guitar); Lee Jackson (bass); Ian Hague (drums)

This track originally appeared on the Nice's 1968 Immediate Records album The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack.

album: Prog Rock

Gut Active GACD02

This album was compiled by Classic Rock Magazine




Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present an eclectic selection of music on CD, and report on an amazing sound sculpture from a wood in rural Kent, created by Jem Finer.

Sex Mob: Pygmy Suite (5.06)

Sex Mob describe this album as 'an electro-acoustic fantasy inspired by Martin Denny'. Martin Denny was a composer associated with the Exotica movement, whose work was strongly influenced by Hawaiian styles.

Recorded live at Goodandevil Studio, Brooklyn, November 2005

Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet/mellophones/vocals); Briggan Krauss (alto sax/baritone sax); Tony Scherr (acoustic bass/acoustic guitar/vocals); Kenny Wollesen (drums/percussion/bird whistles/vibraphone); Goodandevil aka Chris Kelly and Danny Blume (programming/hi-jinks); Mike Dillon (tablas)

album: Sexotica

Thirsty Ear Blue Series THI 57171.2




DAM: Hibuna Ishtruna (4.41)

DAM is a leading Palestinian hip-hop group from a slum town near Jerusalem. Their name comes from the Arabic word for 'immortal', which is also the Hebrew word for 'blood'.

album: Idha'/Dedication

Red Circle Music WLRCM 001



(Gilad Atzmon presents) Artie Fishel and the Promised Band: Radical Goose (5.12)

Artie Fishel/Gilad Atzmon (saxophone/vocal); Peter Foreskin/Asaf Sirkis (percussion); Jaco Pastrami/Yaron Stavi (bass); Shimson Gib Shoin/Eyal Maoz (guitar); McGoy Tyner/John Turville (piano); Gesher Rozen/Guillermo Rozenthuler (vocal); Salim Dion/Koby Israelite (accordion/vocal); Ovad Fretless/Ovidiu Fratila (violin) with Jihad Axman and the Palestinian Funkatirs: DJ Big Bobby Johnson/Tom Clark Hill; GW Push/Achashverosh; Israeli Air Force Lt Colonel Israel Israeli

album: Gilad Atzmon presents Artie Fishel and the Promised Band

WMD Records WMDCD001968



Talk Less, Say More: Tell Me A True Story (5.11)

Talk Less, Say More is the work of Leeds University student Matthew Jennings, who records everything at his home studio. This track features the voice of Cardiff-based soprano Erika Jones, who is voicing an ode to the philosopher Descartes over Matthew's 'prog-hop beats'.

album: Meisha's Morning


Anla Courtis: Studio for Wire Plugs (1991) (2.13)

Recorded and mixed by Anla Courtis at Ornitivo Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Anla Courtis was a member of celebrated Argentinian experimentalists Reynols, and is noted for his experiments with cassette tapes. This track is one of his earliest forays in that format, dating from 15 years ago.

Technical equipment used: Uher Varicord 263 reel-to-reel tape recorder; Tascam 03; Art SGX LT; Equalizer MXR; Micromoog; DOD FX55B Supradistortion

album: Tape Works

Pogus Productions P21040-2



Leo Abrahams: Pendulum (6.11)

Leo Abrahams was born in 1977 and studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music. He is a guitarist who has collaborated extensively with Brian Eno and David Holmes. This track comes from his new solo album.

album: Scene Memory

Bip_hop bleep 33



Jem Finer interview (13.08)

Jem Finer was a founding member of the Pogues, but more recently he has been putting his computer science training into practice as a creator of elaborate sound installations.

Jem Finer: Longplayer

Longplayer is a thousand-year long composition which began playing on 1 January 2000 and will finish on 31 December 2999. It can currently be heard at Trinity Buoy Wharf in East London, in a lighthouse built in 1863 for Michael Faraday's optical research.

Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Place, London E14 0JW

Jem Finer: Score for a Hole in the Ground

Score for a Hole in the Ground is the inaugural winner of the PRS Foundation New Music Award. It consists of a seven metre steel horn which amplifies the sound of drops of water dripping on to bells and percussion in a seven metre deep chamber below.

The installation can be found amongst the Beech Trees in King's Wood, Challock, Kent TN25 4AR

For King's Wood car park, take the turn off to Wye from the A251 at Challock, one mile from the roundabout.






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Jem Finer remixed by Scanner: Lp Remix: abstract (3.05)

This comes from a CD work-in-progress. Jem Finer has given 10 minutes of Longplayer to a number of musicians and sound artists to use as raw material in any way they wish. As well as Scanner, Janek Schaefer, Iris Garrelfs, si-{cut}.db, members of the Necks and Pierre Bastien have all been given segments.

album: Longplayer remix

This CD is due for release in the near future. More details will be available from the Longplayer website:


Mei Han and Paul Plimley: Emptied Diligence (2.55)

Mei Han is a Chinese scholar, with Masters degrees in Ethnomusicology from universities in China and Canada. Her instrument is the 25-stringed Chinese zither known as the zheng. Paul Plimley is an acclaimed Canadian pianist and composer.

album: Ume

Za Discs N-14

Za Discs, Box 1119 Stn A, Vancouver, BC Canada V6C 2T1



Pere Ubu: Blue Velvet (5.49)

The current Pere Ubu line-up is David Thomas (vocals), Keith Moliné (guitar/backing vocals/bass), Robert Wheeler (EML synthesiser/theremin), Michele Temple (bass) and Steve Mehlman (drums/percussion). They're joined here by Jack Kidney (harp). This track was born out of a studio improvisation.

album: Why I Hate Women

Glitterhouse Records GRCD651



The Life Force Trio: Space Flowers/Carousel (6.42)

The Life Force trio was formed by Los Angeles producer Carlos Niño (also half of Ammoncontact). He enlisted the help of multi-instrumentalist and song-writer Dexter Story. The third member of the trio is a floating member. On this album, third members are Gaby Hernandez, Andres Renteria, Fabian Ammon, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Derf Reklaw, Dwight Trible and Jesse Sharps.

album: Living Room

Plug Research PLG75



Joan as Police Woman: Happiness is a Violator (1.50)

This track is taken from the CD single version of Christobel: a track from Joan as Police Woman's acclaimed debut album released earlier this year. Joan Wasser (vocals/viola/guitar/keyboards); Ben Perowsky (drums); Rainy Orteca (bass/vocals)

Reveal Records REVEAL 16



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Lazy B: Underwear Goes Inside the Pants (4.55)

Lazy B is Danish producer Søren Nystrøm Rasted, formerly of pop band Aqua. The featured stand-up comedian on this track is New Yorker Greg Giraldo. This record was a huge hit in the United States.

album: Lazy B TV

Universal 9857247



Kemper Norton 23: Average Domestic Usage (4.00)

This comes from a concept album project by the Cornish collective known as Kemper Norton. They have invited their musical associates to join them in producing pieces of music around the theme of south west water. This works on two levels, being a celebration of water in all its forms in south west England (from 'drizzle in Plymouth' to 'crowded beaches' to 'fizzy water in a Padstow restaurant') and also a protest against what they see as the 'corporate greed' of water companies in the region.

album: KN Sampler

Not commercially available yet



The Necks: Buoyant (5.10)

The Necks are the Australian trio of Chris Abrahams (piano/organ/keyboards), Tony Buck (drums/percussion/guitar) and Lloyd Swanton (bass).

album: Chemist

ReR Megacorp NECK57



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ISWHAT?!: Kashmir (4.23)

In June this year Mixing It featured a track from a new Roy Nathanson album Sotto Voce (Aum Fidelity AUM037). The track featured vocalist and human beatboxer Napoleon Maddox, who subsequently contacted Mixing It about his own project ISWHAT?! This is their version of the old Led Zeppelin number.

Napoleon Maddox (vocals/human beatbox); Jack Walker (tenor sax); Matthew Anderson (acoustic bass); recorded at Artswatch in Louisville, Kentucky

album: The Life We Chose

Hyena Records HYN 9351



Nurse With Wound: Rock 'n Roll Station (6.33)

This comes from the recently re-released Nurse With Wound album that originally appeared in 1994.

Steven Stapleton (things that make noise); Colin Potter (things that change noise) with Peat Bog (didgeridoo/rhythm guitar)

album: Rock 'n Roll Station

Beta-lactam Ring Records 75390-71414-29



Girl Talk: Smash Your Head (3.04)

Girl Talk is the alias of Gregg Gillis, a master of the cut-up, as evidenced in this track which borrows from Quincy Jones and Elton John, amongst others. This is from Greg's third album as Girl Talk, which has been described by Negativland as 'a plunderphonics party record'.

album: Night Ripper

Illegal Art IA113




Awol One: Underground Killz - feat. 2Mex & KRS-One (5.58)

This track by the Californian hip-hop producer and DJ features vocal contributions from 2Mex of the Visionaries and Songodsuns, and KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions.

album: The War of Art

Cornerstone RAS CRAS-CD-052




Asmus Tietchens: Zu viele dicke Kinder (4.04)

This record originally came out 20 years ago, and was intended to reflect the sense of nuclear paranoia and fear that abounded in that era. And although Asmus Tietchens didn't consider himself to be part of the industrial music movement of the time, he did feel a thematic empathy for it.

album: Geboren, um zu Dienen

Die Stadt DS 92



President of the Globe: Grashupfer (6.26)

Translation by Oskar Pastior

Elisa Roep (soprano voice); Alec Kopyt (voice); Tobias Klein (clarinets/alto sax/live electronics); Albert van Veenendaal (prepared piano/sampler); Meinrad Kneer (bass)

Velimir Chlebnikov was a Russian Futurist poet. The Russian Futurists flourished in St Petersburg around 1912, and invented their own language called 'Zaum'. They also founded the Society of 317 Wise Men, which was meant to rule the world. After the Russian Revolution, Chlebnikov joined the Red Army and went to Persia. He died of under-nourishment and exhaustion at the age of 36, and the words 'The First President of the Globe' were inscribed on his coffin.

album: Music around the poetry of Velimir Chlebnikov (1885-1922)

Trytone TT 559-032



Jóhann Jóhannsson: The sun's gone dim and the sky's turned black (5.35)

This is from the new album by the Icelandic composer and member of Apparat Organ Quartet. It's based on music that was created by his father, using the first ever computer in Iceland, which was an IBM 1401 Data Processing System. With the help of the choreographer Erna Ómarsdottir, he has developed the album into a touring dance piece.

album: IBM 1401, A User's Manual

4AD CAD 2609 CD




Laurie Anderson: The Fifth Plague (3.22)

Scott Walker: Darkness (3.43)

These two tracks come from an album put together at the suggestion of the British Arts Organisation known as Artangel, to accompany the event which took place in September called the Margate Exodus. There these songs were sung by local musicians, but here they are sung by internationally renowned artists including Rufus Wainwright, Robert Wyatt, Stephin Merritt and Brian Eno. The concept is based around the ten Biblical plagues from the book of Exodus. Here, Laurie Anderson takes on the Death of Livestock, and Scott Walker tackles Darkness.

album: Plague Songs

4AD CAD 2616 CD



Akron/Family: Love and Space (3.34)

The Brooklyn four-piece have a new album out, which concludes with this favourite from their incendiary live shows.

album: Meek Warrior

Young God Records YG33




The Mike Sammes Singers: International Harvester (1'14")

Virtually every "doo-doo-doo" to be heard on a pop recording made in the UK between 1955 and 1975 came out of the mouths of Mike Sammes and his colleagues..

album: Music for Biscuits

Trunk Records JBH019CD

Arab Strap: The First Big Weekend (5'04")

This comes from Arab Strap's (Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middelton) farewell compilation. This is Arab Strap's first single, recounting Scotland's defeat by England in the Euro '96 football tournament.

album: Ten Years of Tears

Chemikal Underground PCHEM095CD

Beck: The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton (10'34")

This song features the shipping forecast, a Herbie Hancock sample, and a conversation between the film director Spike Jonze and writer Dave Eggers about their imagined ultimate album.

album: The Information

Interscope Records 1707830

Bass Clef: Cannot be Straightened; Subwoofer Loveletter (8'57")

Otherwise known as Ralph Cumbers, Bass Clef makes his music at home in East London - his first album has been made using just an old 4-track cassette, drum machine, sampler and a vintage synth & valve compressor.

album: A smile is a curve that straightens most things

Blank Tapes BLANK003CD

Gruppo di improvvisazione nuova consonanza: Kate (7'05")

The group were formed in 1964 by Franco Evangelista, who wanted fellow improvisors who also composed. The 3 cds in this box set were made between 1967-69 and included in their midst the composer Ennio Morricone.

album: Azione

Die Schachtel DS13

Califone: Black Metal Valentine (6'16")

Chicago-based Califone's sound was influenced in part by the theft of their equipment during their last tour.

album: Roots and Crowns

Thrill Jockey promo

Bonnie Raitt & Habib Koite: Back Around (5'14")

Malian guitarist Koite and his band duet with Raitt on this track taken from Putumayo new compilation of world blues. Habib Koite is well-known in west Africa for his anti-smoking song, "Cigarette A Bana"

album: Various: Blues Around the World

Putumayo P253-SL

Lullabye Arkestra: Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6'28")

A bass and drum duo formed in Toronto by Justin Small of Do Make Say Think and Katia Taylor.

album: Ampgrave

Constellation CST044-2

Modified Toy Orchestra: A Grand Occasion; Had a Farm (6'36")

Modified Toy Orchestra practise "circuit bending", which involves rescuing children's electronic toys from car boot sales, converting them into new, strange and sophisticated musical instruments.

album: Toygopop

Warm Circuit warm004

The Mike Sammes Singers: Youth: A Little More Growing Up (2'02")

album: Music for Biscuits

Trunk Records JBH019CD.


Cursive: Big Bang (3'11")

Cursive - American rockers from Nebraska in the USA - are Tim Kasher, Matt Maginn, Clint Schnase and Ted Stevens. They combine technical virtuosity with attitude and lyrical intelligence. Happy Hollow is described as their most adventurous work so far.

album: Happy Hollow

Saddle Creek Europe SCE94PR



Ingrid Laubrock & Liam Noble: Spells (genetically modified by Sebastian Rochford) (3'30")

This album features a number of jazz standards interspersed with short improvisations. Ingrid Laubrock plays the soprano saxophone, Liam Noble the piano.

album: Let's call this.

Babel BDV2661




Les Georges Leningrad: Scissorhands (3'19")

Poney P sings and plays the DJ-X 60 synth. Mingo L'Indien plays guitar and the ML-RCC synth.

Bobo Boutin plays drums and the E-303 synth.

Les Georges Leningrad is a love and hate story: the one of Bobo Boutin, Mingo L'Indien and Poney P. They met in the year 2000 during a fight in an Ontario street tavern: Bobo was at the time a bohemian singer, Mingo a contemporary music student at University of Montreal. Poney was writing hundreds of songs in a big schoolbook while dreaming of sharing the stage with the greatests: Plume, Sun Ra and Felix Kubin. Eight note F2 undulating synthesizers riffs, an explosive rhythmic inspired by the sambo (Russian self defense technique invented in the 1930s) and the sexy voice of the "South-Central Lil' Amazon" submerge us in the eerie and unforeseeable universe of the Petrochemical Rock.

album: Sangue Puro

Tomlab TOM 80 PR


People Like Us: Stand By Your (2'57")

For 16 years Vicki Bennett has been making CDs, radio, and A/V multimedia under the name People Like Us. Ever since she has been animating and recontextualising found footage collages with an equally witty and dark view of popular culture with a surrealistic edge, both pre-recorded and in a live setting. Vicki has shown work at, amongst others, Tate Modern, The National Film Theatre, Purcell Room, The ICA, Sydney Opera House, Pompidou Centre, Sonar in Barcelona and The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

album: All Together Now

White Label

Available from www.peoplelikeus.org

Sandro Perri: Romeo Heart (slight return) (5'28")

Sandro Perri is a Toronto-based songwriter and electronic composer who also records as Polmo Polpo. A full-length Sandro Perri album is due early in 2007.

album: Plays Polmo Polpo

Constellation CST042-2

Crimetime Orchestra feat. Bjornar Andresen: Live is a Beautiful Monster part 1 (3'47")

Crimetime Orchestra is a 10-piece Norwegian group formed in 2002 by Bugge Wesseltoft (synth/effects), Bjornar Andresen (double bass/effects), Vidar Johansen (Tenor saxophone) and Jon Klette (Alto saxophone), and also featuring Kjetil Moster (tenor saxophone), Oyvind Braekke (trombone), Sjur Miljeteig (trumpet), Anders Hana (guitar), Ingebricht Haker Flaten (bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums/percussion). This was recorded at "Bugge's Room" in October 2004, and is the last recorded performance made by the late Bjornar Andresen.

album: Life is a Beautiful Monster

Jazzaway JARCD 009

The Last Town Chorus: Wire Waltz (2'40")

The Last Town Chorus was born in the Spring of 2001 in Park Slope, Brooklyn. After months of slow-burning hours as a duo (Megan, voice and delay lapsteel - Nat, vibrato guitar), the sound and feeling clicked. The debut album emerged in the summer and autumn of 2002. The Last Town Chorus' live performances now range from duo sets to large ensembles featuring collaborators from pop, classical, rock and jazz worlds. The Last Town Chorus lives in Brooklyn, New York.

album: Wire Waltz

Loose Music White Label


The Squirm Orchestra: Per Arsin (4'50")

The Squirm Orchestra is a sextet from Michigan & Indiana in the USA. They're a live improv electro band who rehearse in a barn owned by a Chicago corn trader who has an affinity for the arts..

album: White label

Imitation Electric Piano: Relatively Good Times (6'05")

From IEP's second album. The band - from Brighton - are headed by Stereolab bassist Simon Johns. They feature the vocals of Mary Hampton, who reminded Simon of Pentangle's Jacqui McShee.

album: Blow It Up, Burn It Down, Kick It 'Til It Bleeds

Duophonic Super 45s DS45-CD39


Erdem Helvacioglu: Frozen Resophonic (6'39")

Erdem Helvacioglu's live album of treated solo acoustic guitar was made without overdubs or recourse to any previously recorded material. Besides his electronic music, Erdem composes for theatre and film, and produces the music of other Turkish artists.

album: Altered Realities

New Albion NA131



Benoit Pioulard: La guerre de sept ans; Together & down (6'15")

This is the first album from the 21-year old guitarist from Michigan, Thomas Meluch, who is fascinated with tape delay and the sounds of nature

album: Precis

Kranky krank098



Forest Jackson: Cymbalism (4'26")

Berlin-based drummer and producer Hanno Leichtmann records under the names Static, Paloma, White Hole and Vulva String Quartett, and has also written music for radio and theatre in Germany. This album was mastered by Stefan Betke, aka Pole.

album: Cymbalism

Mosz 009



The Ruby Suns: Birthday on Mars (4'50")

The Ruby Suns, from New Zealand, take inspiration from 60s and 70s eccentrics like Van Dyke Parks and Curt Boettcher. They're a quintet headed by 23-year old singer and guitarist Ryan McPhun.

album: The Ruby Suns

Memphis Industries MI080CDP



Boom Pam: Lajdi (1'45")

Boom Pam came to attention in Tel Aviv in 2003, and consist of two electric guitars, a tube and drums. They arrange Balkan, Jewish, Greek & Mediterranean songs, imbuing them with a rock attitude, and continue to play at weddings and parties throughout Israel.

album: Boom Pam

Essay Recordings AY CD 05



Tom Waits:

What keeps mankind alive? (2.09)

Dog Door (2.43)

Tom Waits' new triple CD set features 30 new and never before heard tracks along with other rarities, organised into three groups: Brawlers, Brawlers, and Bastards. Waits says that, "if a record really works at all, it should be made like a homemade doll with tinsel for hair and seashells for ears stuffed with candy and money. Or like a good woman's purse with a Swiss army knife and a snake bit kit."

Album: Orphans

Anti 6677-2p


Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo:

Diario (0.57)

Munifried (3.19)

In 2004 Italian electronics composer Teho Teardo and New York cellist Erik Friedlander began a trans- Atlantic collaboration, exchanging ideas, creating and remixing each other's contributions. They completed Giorni Rubati in early 2006.

Album: Giorni Rubati

Bip Hop Bleep34




Boss Eye

One Eye

Tony's Sombrero


27 year old Steve Milanese is a native Londoner now based in Birmingham, where he lives next door to Warp Records' Chris Clark. He made his debut this year with a 12" release called 'Vanilla Monkey' on Warp's dance offshoot 12" imprint, Arcola Records.

Album: Extend

Planet Mu ZIQ165CD


Chatham: Drastic Classicism (7'49")

Album: Die Donnergoetter (The Thundergods)

The New York-born composer began as a classically-trained prodigy, but by 1975, Chatham was fusing the overtone-drenched minimalism of John Cale and Tony Conrad with the relentless, elemental fury of the Ramones. This Cd contains a selection of Chatham's music from the late 1970s and early 80s.

Radium TOE-CD-801


Safetyword: Daily Bread (3'23")

Album: Foreskin o' the Heart

Safetyword began as a three-piece on the Isle of Man where they spent one year writing songs in a cottage on a Port Erin hillside. Having relocated in Bristol, they have since produced two e.p.s.

White Label


Carnivalesque: (Pt.2) (6'18")

Album: Various - Pyrophonic

Pyrophonic is a multimedia event that happened in Brighton earlier in November. It was a night of music and moving image that fused the surreal wit of artist Paul Granjon with a series of collaborative electronic, acoustic and visual improvisations from the newly formed 'Not Applicable Artists' and film artists Squint and Brittski.


The Walter & Sabrina Group: Tiny Small (5'52")

Album: Chioma Supernormal - The Dark Album

This triple CD explores aspects of sexual deviancy in an array of musical styles..The Walter and Sabrina Group are Celia Lu, Nima Gousheh, Matthew Dungey, Dave Baby and Walter Cardew.

Danny Dark Records DD1116


Smutny: Telehors (5'40")

Album: Telehors

Smutny (meaning 'sad' in Polish) is the German electro-composer Daniel Smutny. This is his first solo album, using real percussion sounds and a strong emphasis on environmental sounds and electronics.

Normoton 020


Psapp: Apple Block (3'49")

CD Single: Hi

Psapp are Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann and are based in London's Kings Cross. In 2004 the duo's music seemed to chime with the US TV zeitgeist and started to seep into primetime dramas (not to mention a very high profile TV advert). Domino RUG232CDP



Turnstone (04.08)

Auk (02.25)

Album: At The Mill

This CD by the trumpeter Ian R Watson and the percussionist Pete Flood was recorded in the peaceful surroundings of an old mill in Hampshire.

Sartorial Records FIT019cd


Kling Klang: Vander (6'00")

Album: The Esthetik of Destruction

Kling Klang are four synth players and a drummer, all from Liverpool, who have been playing together since 1999, only recently releasing their debut album.

Rock Action Rockact21cdp

Tom Waits: Children's Story (1'42")


Lithops: Stratografic (4'54")

Jem Finer & Andrew Koetting: John Barley Corn (3'49")

Matthew McGrath: The Forrest Spirit Awakes! (5'42")

The Red Krayola: Introduction; It Will Be (Delivered) (3'57")

Tim Brady: Yellow Add Green (6'17")

Curse ov Dialect: Jokes On Me (3'47")

Robert Henke: Layer 007 (3'27")

M'lumbo: Medley - The James Bond Theme / Star Trek (9'40")

Svarte Greiner: My feet, over there (5'58")

Rose Kemp: Tiny Flower (1'36")

Arthur Bull / Daniel Heikalo: Tunc (3'43")

In the Country: Everyone Live Their Life (4'34")

Mark E Smith: Football Results (1'45").


Sufjan Stevens:

Let's Boogy to the Elf Dance (3'47")

Sufjan's interests include graphic design, painting, running, knitting, crocheting, weaving, quilting, cleaning, photography, haircutting, and dry wall installation. He collects stamps and wheat pennies. It has been his habit to record Christmas songs for friends and family over the last five years, and this 5 cd boxet compiles the recordings.

Album: Songs For Christmas

Rough Trade promo



Amon Tobin:

Bloodstone (4'10")

Having made several previous albums from reconstructed vinyl sources, Amon Tobin has decided to focus on manipulation of any sounds regardless of their origin. This is the first single to be taken from Tobin's new Foley Room album, which features processed recordings of robotics, animals, insects, motorbikes and - on this track - the Kronos Quartet.

Single: Bloodstone

Ninja Tune promo


Nine Horses:

Birds sing for their lives (7'02")

Nine Horses is the trio David Sylvian set up with his brother Steve Jansen and the German electronic composer Burnt Friedman. Their new EP features Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen, and this track features the Swedish vocalist Stina Nordenstahm, and Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano.

Album: Money For All

Samadhisound SOUNDCDSS010


Freeze Puppy:

New York; How to eat less salt; Two lifelong buddies (6'43")

What is Freeze Puppy? Hard to say, but here are some of the stabs people have had at it: "Electro-creole pop", "Jungle music", "Zappaish", "African Guitar meets Blur", "Like playing Subutteo on a chess board".

Album: Joyous Yelps

Clean Cut CCT005


Frida Hyvonen:

You Never Got Me Right (1'50")

Album: Until Death Comes

Secretly Canadian SC144


TANYA TAGAQ: Wet Fur (19'33")

Mixing It session

Tanya Tagaq (vocals)

Michael Edwards (processing)

Michael and Tanya have been working together on and off for about 6 years, in particular over the last 2 years.



Polarized Beam Splitter & others (4'15")

Personnel in Gescom has varied from release to release and even track to track. On this album, Gescom are represented by Autechre's Rob Brown and Sean Booth. This album was the first ever MiniDisc only release at the time of Minidisc's inception, and is issued on Russell Haswell's OR label. The tracks are short, and the listener can shuffle and loop them at will.

Album: MiniDisc


One Cool Fossil:

Love in Tangiers (The Meeting); Love in Tangiers 1933 (8'33")

Album: This Changing World

white label


Lori Freedman:

Spaghetti brule (3'35")

Lori Freedman is known one of Canada's most provocative improvising performers. She often works with dance, theatre and visual artists in addition to her own improvised and electroacoustic work. This is her third album.

Album: 3

Ambiances Magnetiques AM157CD


Sufjan Stevens:

Christmas in July (3'16")

Album: Songs For Christmas

Rough Trade promo.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall revisit some of their favourite alternative music releases from 2006.

Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald: Just (5'21")

Califone:Pink and Sour (4'13")

Queen Mab Trio: Vehement (4'00")

Tom Waits:First Kiss (2'38")

The Inhibitionists: Auckland Islands Merganser (2'28")

Boxcutter: Tauhid (4'46")

Scritti PolittiWindow Wide Open (3'09")

Radical Fashion feat. Carl Stone:Thousand (3'05")

Hellwood:Man Loves His Wife (5'21")

Chris Watson:No Man's Land (7'00")

Littl Shyning Man:Nexth The Chewy Bridge (6'06")

Matmos:Tract for Valerie Solanas (5'08")

Danielson: Did I step on your trumpet? (3'05")


Glenn Kotche: Projections of (what) Might (4'55")

Joan as Policewoman:We Don't Own It (3'53")

Lars Horntveth remixed by Four Tet: Tics (6'42").



Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (4'50")

Gilbert is a jazz drummer who studied classical music at Oxford University, wrote music for film, tv, and theatre for some years, and likes electronica. He made this album in my flat in east London, and it will be available for download in the near future.

Album: Gilbert

white label


Charlie March:

Goodbye Penny (2'56")

24-year old Charlie Alix March has played in the Toy Orchestra, as well as providing soundtracks for short films.

EP: After the Clouds Clear

Loaf 03


Charles Mingus:

II B.S. - RZA's Mingus Bounce Mix (3'22")

Impulse have enlisted a number of Hip-Hop and electronic music producers to reinterpret some of the label's most well-known works.

Album: Various: Impulse! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked

Impulse 0602498831571



Combing and Hackling; Shampoo and Setter; All Cats are Grey (3'49")

A sonic exploration of hairdressing, pet grooming, wig making and the paranormal.

Album: A Cautionary Tale

Freight promo


Pearls & Brass:

Indian Tower (4'01")

Guitarist Randy Huth, Bassist Joel Winter, and drummer Josh Martin from Pennsylvania have been playing music together for more than half of their lives. This is their second full-length release.

Album: The Indian Tower

Drag City DC300CD


My Fun:

Home Tape (5'59")

London-based My Fun explores field recordings and the electronic processing of acoustic sounds, aiming to create narrative work without a particular musical genre determining the sound of the final output. This EP is available as a free download from the website listed below.

EP: Idyll

Tube 060


Jeremy Warmsley:

I Believe in the Way You Move (3'20")

Half French, half English multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley hails from London, and uses a variety of instrumentation, including ukelele, toy piano and his laptop. Following two EPs he released the debut album The Art of Fiction on Transgressive records in October 2006.

Album: The Art of Fiction

Transgressive promo



Spectral Psychosis (4'46")

The second record from Brandon Nickell aka Aemae.

Album: Maw

Isounderscore ISO_04


Clara Rockmore:

Estrellita (Manuel Ponce) (3'01")

Long regarded as "The Queen of the Theremin," Clara Rockmore's virtuosity as the world's leading exponent of the theremin was commonly acknowledged during her long and successful career. Intimately involved with Leon Theremin in the development of the instrument, Clara Rockmore's career as a thereminist had her performing with major orchestras and with her sister, the legendary pianist, Nadia Reisenberg.

Album: Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album

Bridge 9208



Tin Hat:

Daisy Bell (4'58")

Formerly the Tin Hat Trio, Tin Hat was founded in 1997 by Mark Orton, Carla Kihlstedt and Rob Burger. Burger left in 2004, and the duo continued by broadening their soundworld and changing their name.

Album: The Sad Machinery of Spring

Hannibal HNCD1524



L Pierre:

Gullsong (5'00")

Aidan Moffatt - formerly of Arab Strap - has reinvented himself as a pseudo-sound artist focussing on the great outdoors, and especially the sea.

Album: Dip

Melodic MELO045P


NDR Big Band / Colin Towns:

Franks Big Boogie Machine (3'49")

Frank Deller (saxophone)

Colin Towns is a British composer and big band leader who's recently been working with the Hamburg-based NDR big band.

Album: Lend Me Your Ears

Provocateur PVC1038


Husky Rescue:

My Home Ghost (3'06")

Usually a one-man band, Helsinki-based composer & producer Marko Nyberg invited around twenty different musicians to play on this record. Husky Rescue also tour as a 5-piece band.

Album: Ghost is Not Real

Catskills RIDCD0T5


Bass Communion / Muslimgauze:

Seven (9'00")

This album arose out of the late Bryn Jones / Muslimgauze's addiction with remixing any music that crossed his path and which he felt he could improve on in some way..

Album: Bass Communion / Muslimgauze

Soleilmoon SOL146cd



Tin Hat:

Blind Paper Dragon (3'11")

Album: The Sad Machinery of Spring

Hannibal HNCD1524

Siobhan Cleary:

Diamorphine (6'46")

This compilation features eleven Irish composers. Siobhan Cleary cites The Velvet Underground as an influence on this piece.

Album: Various - Contemporary Music from Ireland Vol. 6

The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland CMCCD06


The Monroe Transfer:

End Music (7'02")

This London-based 6-piece group mix chamber string instruments with guitars to produce playing long, densely orchestrated instrumental music.

Album: Electric Old Wire Noise

white label


Equivox Trio:

Ku Ku (5'36")

The Equivox Trio are Rob Buckland on saxophone, Simone Rebello, percussion, and Peter Lawson, piano.

Album: The Time is Now

Equivox Trio E301



Slope (4'38")

This Manchester-based producer and occasional DJ has been making music for 6 years, and is also part of Virus Syndicate in addition to running the label Contagious.

Album: Copyright Laws

Planet Mu ZIQ169CD



Helena Espvall:

Nimis & Arx (6'08")

This is the debut solo album of the Swedish-born multi-instrumentalist Helena Espvall. In addition to working with various experimental American rock bands, she also plays cello for Espers.

Album: Nimis & Arx

Pax PR90284


Daphne Oram:

Lego Builds it (0'56"); Rotolock (1'27");

Daphne Oram, a music balancer / engineer in the classical music department of BBC Radio, set up the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in Maida Vale Studios in 1958. She subsequently left the BBC to focus on composition and developing her Oramics system to convert drawings of waveforms into sound.

Album: Oramics

Paradigm PD21



Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a special concert from the BBC's Maida Vale music studios, featuring sets by drummer Seb Rochford's group Fulborn Teversham, Swedish born singer-songwriter José González and American cult hero Johnny Dowd.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Session20061215

Featuring a studio session by A Hawk And A Hacksaw, the Albuquerque-based duo of Jeremy Barnes (drums, accordion, vocals) and Heather Trost (violin).

A Hawk & A Hacksaw:

Cocek (2.20")

Mixing It session

AHAAH are Jeremy Barnes (accordion, drums, vocals) and Heather Trost (violin).

Their third and most recent album, The Way The Wind Blows, was partly recorded in a remote Romanian village with members of Fanfare Ciocarlia.



Joan as Policewoman:

Show me the Life (2'25")

Single: The Ride

Joan Wasser played with - amongst others - Antony and the Johnsons, and Rufus Wainwright, and she describes her sound as American Soul Music.

Reveal promo



Exploding Star Orchestra:

Sting Ray & the Beginning of Time (4'34")

Album: We Are All From Somewhere Else

Rob Mazurek - trumpeter in the Chicago band Tortoise - was asked to put a band together by the Chicago Culture Centre and Jazz Institute, he came up with the 14-piece Exploding Star Orchestra, featuring saxophonist Ken Vandermark and guitarist Jeff Parker.

Thrill Jockey THRILL181


Marvin the Martian:

Music Man (3'29")

Single: I Hate My Job

Born to a Jamaican father and British mother in riotous 1980s Brixton, Marv draws influence from the heroes of his childhood such as Bob Marley, Garnet Silk and Buju Banton, alongside that of soul greats Al Greene, Marvin Gaye and Arethra Franklin.

Universal promo


A Hawk & A Hacksaw:

In The River (6.30")

(includes spoken intro by Jeremy Barnes)

Robert Logan:

Lost Highway (5'53")

Album: Cognessence

Robert Logan - just 19 years young - has worked with Grace Jones and now releases his debut album, featuring medieval instruments and field recordings.

Slowfoot SLOCD005



Sky Green Leopards:

Egyptian Circus (3'55")

Album: Disciples of California

From the hobo district of San Francisco emerge the Sky Green Leopards - this is their fifth album and marks the debut of the SGL's rhythm section, the Skyband

Cosmos promo



Siobhan Cleary:

Diamorphine (6'46")

Album: Various - Contemporary Music from Ireland Vol.


This compilation features eleven Irish composers.

Siobhan Cleary cites The Velvet Underground as an influence on this piece.

The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland CMCCD06


Spencer Dickinson:

Primitive (4'40")

Album: The Man Who Lives For Love

Jon Spencer - front man of the Blues Explosion - has set up a new group with two members of the North Mississippi All Stars - this album was recorded at a ranch near Memphis

Yep Roc YEP2078


Mole Harness:

Fallout Census Man (5'55")

Album: Out of the walled pathway

Bristol-base James Brewster - aka Mole Harness - began making music in 2001.

He has now moved to Sweden.




Portland Town (03.27")


Shibboleth (2'59")

Album: Messidor

Aufgehoben - from Brighton - use no bass, no overdubs, no prcessing..

Junior Meat 161216

Band Ane:

3 Things to Remember (4'35")

Album: Anish Music

A one-woman band - Ane Oestergaard, from Denmark



Herve Perez & Martin Archer:

Part 2 (excerpt) (5'00")

Album: The Inclusion Principle

Violinist Martin Archer and electronics wiz Herve Perez have released the first hour of their very first meeting in the recording studio..

Discus 29cd


All Tomorrows Parties 200320030413

Robert Sandall reports from last weekend's All Tomorrow's Parties festival at Camber Sands.

He talks to musicians and introduces performances from Pita, Hecker, REQ and Jim O'Rourke.

All Tomorrow's Parties 2004 - Growing And Trans Am20040423

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, and introduce recordings from last month's All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, which took place at Camber Sands on the Sussex Coast.

Amon Tobin20031212

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, and talk to Montreal-based DJ and producer Amon Tobin.

For a Mixing It factsheet write to Mixing It BBC Broadcasting House London W1A 1AA.

Animal Collective20040618

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring a session by Brooklyn-based folk pop band Animal Collective.

Baltic Live20020707

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce live music from Wauvenfold, Kaffe Matthews and Laub.

Basil Kirchin20030824

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, including an interview with pioneering electronic composer Basil Kirchin, whose remarkable tape-collage works of the early '70s are only now being issued on CD.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report on the latest happenings in the avant-garde and alternative music scenes of Berlin. They encounter sound artists, neo-cabaret singers, practitioners of Noise and post-techno electronica boffins including Alec Empire, Mattin, Christina Kubisch, FS Blumm and Antje Greie.

MUSIC: Alec Empire: On Fire

From album Futurist

Digital Hardcore DHRCD40

MUSIC: Alec Empire: ICE (as if she could steal a piece of my glamour)

White Label


MUSIC: AGF: Arriving

Album: Language Is The Most

CD: Quecksilber 6

MUSIC: AGF: Code in the Noodle Soup

Album: Language Is The Most

CD: Quecksilber 6

MUSIC: Laub: Tofu

(white label - album due out later this year)


MUSIC: Jamie Lidell: The City (2 excerpts)

Album: Multiply

CD: WARP WARPCD 131 tr.8



MUSIC:: Planning To Rock: Local Foreigner

MUSIC: Planning To Rock: Bolton Wanderer

Album: Have It All

CD: Chicks On Speed COSR32CD

MUSIC: Planning To Rock: Think That Thought

EP: Have It All Stringed Up

CD: Chicks On Speed COSR36CD



MUSIC: FS Blumm: Binsen & Bast


Album: Summer Kling

CD: MorrMusic 070



MUSIC: Christina Kubisch: Nostalgico

Album: Vier Stucke Four Pieces

CD: RZ Edition CD


MUSIC: Ekkehard Ehlers: Ain't No Grave

MUSIC: Ekkehard Ehlers: Strange Things

MUSIC: Ekkehard Ehlers: Nie Wieder Schnell Sagen

Album: A Life Without Fear

CD: Staubgold 66

MUSIC: MATTIN: You Are Stuck

Album: Proletarian of Noise

CD: Hibari 10

MUSIC: Andrew Pekler: Pluck'd

MUSIC: Andrew Pekler: Ogondok

Album: Strings & Feedback

CD: Staubgold 62.


Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring an interview with Björk about her new album "Medúlla", which explores the human voice as sound source and includes contributions from Robert Wyatt, Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq, and Rahzel of The Roots.


Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring an interview with Bjork about her soundtrack for Drawing Restraint 9, and a new film by Matthew Barney, shot onboard a Japanese whaling ship in Nagasaki Bay.

Black Dice20030608

A studio session from New York avant-rock band Black Dice.

Brian Eno20031010

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences including an interview with Brian Eno about his latest projects which include an album of bell music, inspired by his work on the Clock of the Long Now, a working clock which will mark time for ten thousand years.

Brian Eno - Another Day On Earth20050708

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring an interview with Brian Eno about his new album of songs, Another Day on Earth.

Brian Eno's 1998 Favourites20061103

Featuring (a repeat from 1998 of) Brian Eno's choice of three influential recordings, plus new alternative music releases.

Radio Thailand: Folk DJ's Armed With Technology (5'21")

An exhaustive collection of Thai Radio transmissions recorded between 1989 and 2004, featuring all manner of sounds from Molam, Luk Thung, Kantrum, to cheesy pop, classic Thai guitar rock and traditional ceremonial music.

Album: Radio Thailand: Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom

Sublime Frequencies SF028


Lukas Simonis: Kalloone S (2'18")

Lukas Simonis is a guitarist and composer based in Rotterdam (Netherlands) who co-founded the WORM centre for experimental arts. This album makes use of improvisation, field recordings, and a secret language.

Album: Stots

Z6 3312


Jeffrey Lewis: Adventures of God as a young boy (3'19")

Jeffrey Lewis was raised on New York's Lower East Side by loving beatnik parents. Having no television in the tenement apartment, he became a comic book fanatic before even learning how to read. A life-long love of writing and drawing comic books, both autobiographical and fantastical, found new vent when Lewis began making up songs in the winter of 97-98. Initially inspired by the gentle psychedelic folk of Donovan, the DIY magic of Daniel Johnston, and the fearless early recordings of local folk-punk legends the Fugs, Lewis began recording homemade cassettes in 1998 and selling them, packaged in small comic books, at his soon semi-monthly shows at Sidewalk, home of New York's Antifolk scene. Lewis's younger brother Jack began playing electric bass and contributing to the shows and tapes.

Album: Various: I Killed the Monster - 21 Artists Performing the Songs of Daniel Johnston

Second-Shimmy 0100



Ryan Teague: Tableau II (3'18")

Cambridge-based composer Ryan Teague uses the Cambridge Philharmonic across this album, which also features the harpist Rhodri Davies. He actively seeks to fuse electronic and acoustic music, and likens his music to chamber music in its grouping of themes and instruments.

Album: Coins & Crosses

TYPE 015


Brian Eno's choice of 3, first broadcast in May 1998 just after his 50th birthday (17'19"):

Peter Schwaum: Slop Shop

Album: Makrodelia



Geodesic: Terrorist

Album: Lo-Bit Life

Poets Club Records


Emmylou Harris: May This Be Love (Jimi Hendrix)

Album: Wrecking Ball

Grapevine GRACD 102


Underworld: Juanita

Album: Second toughest in the infants

Junior Boys Own Records


Jazzfinger: Dreams cast shadows (3'20")

Jazzfinger are a Newcastle-based duo made up of Has Gaylani and Ben Jones, and this album was recorded live to cassette.

Album: Autumn Engines

Rebis 009

Tanya Tagaq: Ancestors (4'03")

Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq employs the sound of the txalaparta, traditional Basque percussion and - on this song - Bjork.

Album: Sinaa

Jericho Beach JBM0601


Soweto Kinch: 10.30 appointment (6'44")

Saxophonist and MC, Soweto Kinch has issued a concept album about the residents of a tower block in Birmingham. The album is narrated by newsreader Moira Stewart. A largely self-taught musician, Soweto Kinch is equally influenced by jazz and hip hop.

Album: A Life in the Day of B19 - Tales of the Tower Block

Dune CD014


Rickard Javerling: Two times five lullaby (2'21")

Swedish travelling musician Rickard Javerling spent time in Ireland and Glasgow playing folk music to earn a living, before deciding to return to Sweden and use any musicians there that he could find.

Album: Two times five lullaby

Yesternow YES004CD.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a studio session by alt-country Chicago rockers Califone, who blend elements of American folk with electronics and noise generated from scraps of metal.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, including a performance from the critically acclaimed New York band Calla, recorded exclusively for the show.

Carter Tutti20041001

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall talk to Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of pioneering industrial group Throbbing Gristle about their new collaboration, Carter Tutti.

Chris Cutler19950904
Christian Marclay20030803

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, including an interview with Christian Marclay about his epic music/video collage installation Video Quartet, currently on show in London.

Cut Chemist20060915

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall include an interview with Californian turntablist, Cut Chemist, about his new album The Audience is Listening.

Chuck E Weiss: The Phone Conversation (4.11)

Originally a drummer with the likes of Lightnin' Hopkins in the 1960s, Chuck E Weiss was later immortalised in Rickie Lee Jones' song Chuck E's in Love. He was also a song writing partner for Tom Waits in the 1970s, before putting together his own band The G-d Dam Liars and opening the Viper Room club on LA's sunset strip with Johnny Depp. This is his fourth solo album.

Chuck Weiss (vocal); Tony Gilkyson (acoustic guitar); Don Heffington (drums/percussion); Mike Murphy (keyboards); Steve Nelson (bass)

album: Deranged Detective Mysteries - 23rd & Stout

Cooking Vinyl COOKCD383


Christof Dienz: Tapping to Hell (3.45)

Christof Dienz is a Vienna-based composer and musician. On this album he uses the zither and '100% analogue, acoustic tools', such as paper clips, wooden sticks, tuning forks and plectrums.

album: Dienz Zithered

Geco Tonwaren GECO H-275-2



Oskar: First Number (5.48)

Oskar is a collaboration between Jonny Dawe, who was formerly the bassist in Collapsed Lung, and Nick Powell, soundtrack composer and former keyboard player in Strangelove. The duo got together in 1999 to create music for Turner Prize nominated artist Phil Collins' Max Factory performance art group. They later moved to Milan to provide music for Prada's in-house label, then they presented their Shhh...installation at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 2004.

EP: Domestic EP




Yasushi Yoshida: Parade (4.13)

Yasushi Yoshida is a 27 year-old composer from Osaka in Japan.

album: Secret Figure

Noble CXCA-1188


Cut Chemist Interview (19.55)

Cut Chemist is the solo project of Lucas Macfadden, formerly with Jurassic Five and Ozomatli.

music details:

Cut Chemist: Motivational Speaker

All instruments played by Kent Hitchcock

Cut Chemist: The Garden

Beto and Bocao (percussion); Beto Villares (guitar/cavaco); Marcos Axé (berimbou)

Contains a sample of Berimbau as performed by Astrud Gilberto

Cut Chemist: Metrorail Thru Space

Vocal sample and drum beats compiled by Lucas Macfadden

Cut Chemist: Spat

Additional scratching by Pannable Lector

Contains a sample of Tribal Jam as performed by X Clan

Cut Chemist: What's the Altitude

Rapping by Hymnal

Contains samples of Big Footin as performed by Parliament and Sea of Time as performed by Curtis Knight and the Zodiacs

album: The Audience's Listening

Beatdown Recordings 9362-48559-2



Asi Mina: Dressing/Opatrunek (2.56)

Asi Mina (guitar and vocals recorded in a cupboard)

Asi Mina: Kosmetyki/Cosmetics (4.21)

Choir and glasses: Emilka Bartnik, Klara Kucharczyk, Kornel Kucharczyk, Ania Marcinek, Jas Pacan, Agneiszka Romanczyk, Marcin Romanczyk, Czarek Waleczek, Dominik Waleczek and Zuzia Waleczek

Asi Mina is a Polish singer, guitarist, pianist and teacher. She recorded this album as a musical diary, or, as she would like to call it, a 'songiary'.

album: Have All! But Where?

Mik Musik #42


Raccoo-oo-oon: Uh-Oh (3.50)

Raccoo-oo-oon, hailing from Iowa City , are Ryan Garbes, Daren Ho, Andy Spore and Shawn Reed.

album: Is Night People

Release the Bats #17



DJ Logic: Balifon Planet (4.25)

DJ Logic is a New York-based turntablist: famously the first performer to bring this instrument to the Blue Note Jazz Club. This latest album is produced by Scotty Harding, who has worked with the likes of Medeski, Martin & Wood and the Wu-Tang Clan in the past.

Chris Brown (Moog synthesiser/clavinet); Melvin Gibbs (bass); Scotty Hard (guitar)

album: Zen of Logic

Ropeadope RCD16047




Kristeen Young: Life's Not Short, It's Sooooo Long (5.12)

This is a new single by the Morrisey-endorsed singer from St Louis. Kristeen Young is the half-apache adopted daughter of Christian fundamentalist parents who has hooked up with legendary record producer Tony Visconti.

Kristeen Young (vocals/affected piano); Baby Jeff White (drums); produced by Tony Visconti

CD single: Kill the Father

Attack Records ATKPX022



Pentatonik: Zeitgeist (4.33)

Pentatonik is the project of R Simeon Bowring, who now resides in the Canary Islands. Living there has allowed him to finally create a record that he is pleased with: he destroyed the previous two Pentatonik albums before delivering them to the record label, because he didn't think they were good enough.

album: The Five Angels

Hydrogen Dukebox Duke134CD



Daedelus And Carlos Nino20050318

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce live studio sets by LA-based experimental hip-hop producers Daedelus and Carlos Nino.

David Byrne20040213

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, and talk to David Byrne about his new album Grown Backwards.

David Sylvian - Nine Horses20051007

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall interview songwriter David Sylvian about his new project Nine Horses, a collaboration with drummer Steve Jansen and electronic music producer Burnt Friedman.

David Toop - Haunted Weather20040611

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell are joined by author, musician and theorist David Toop, whose new book Haunted Weather - Music and Silence examines the way in which music has been affected by the digital revolution.

Dj Spooky20010715

Including a set by DJ Spooky, recorded during the Barbican's recent Urban Beats festival.

Django Bates20040716

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall are joined in the studio by composer and improviser Django Bates, whose eagerly awaited new album You Live and Learn...Apparently features the Smith Quartet and vocalist Josefine Lindstrand.

Echo City20030817

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a selection of unusual CD tracks and visit the Echo City group, who have been inventing and building their own instruments, such as the batphone and pyrophone, for twenty years.

Edinburgh And Glasgow20030831

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report from Edinburgh and Glasgow on the alternative music scenes in the two cities, and meet Frog Pocket, Bovine Life, the Magnificents and Colditz.

Ergo Phizmiz And People Like Us & Wobbly20050128

A double bill recorded last year at the Spitz in East London and featuring sets by surrealist composer and sound artist Ergo Phizmiz, and the collaboration of London samplist Vicki Bennett aka People Like Us and San Francisco's Jon Leidecker aka Wobbly.

Ergo Phizmiz Commission20061201

Featuring a specially commissioned piece by surrealist electronic composer Ergo Phizmiz.

Kat Vipers:

Pearls of Wisdom (4'05")

Kat Vipers came from a family of pianists and singers, and started playing piano herself at the age of 4.

EP: Summer Bloody Time



Radio I Ching:

Let My People Go (3'38")

Radio I-Ching are a New York-based trio, comprising of Andy Haas on soprano saxophone, Don Fiorno on guitar, and Dee Pop on drums. They play off-kilter jazzy readings of Americana, blues and world music, and this is their third album together.

Album: Last Kind Words

Resonant Music 002


Mr Geoffrey and JD Franzke:

Mixscape 5 & 6 (4'20")

Mr Geoffrey is a Melbourne based visual artist and DJ who works with sound designer JD Franzke - they began a residency at Melbourne night club Honky Tonks in 2001. They describe their music as the sounds you might hear when you walk home from a club but somehow take a turn into a dreamlike place.

Album: Get a Room

Extreme XLTD006


Ergo Phizmiz: "Wholepole - The Discotheque of Erotic Misery" (35'47")

Composed, Performed & Produced by Ergo Phizmiz

playing: banjo, guitar, accordion, concertina, tibetan flute, swanee whistle, ukulele, violin, percussion, vocals, sampling & electronics, odds & sods

Additional musicians:

Heather McCallum - Flute (www.myspace.com/coo6b )

Ben Wilbee - Saxophone & Clarinet (www.myspace.com/benwilbee)

Martha Moopette - Vocals ( www.moopetals.com)

Remixes by: Satanicpornocultshop (www.nunulaxnulan.biz), Listen With Sarah ( www.listenwithsarah.org), Vernon Lenoir (www.vernonlenoir.com), Drut (www.myspace.com/drutnotmusic), and Puyo Puyo ( puyopuyo.lautre.net), available exclusively online at www.ergophizmiz.com/wholepole

Exclusive remixes of Wholepole, an "Extended Club Mix" of the full work, plus an early version of the Wholepole theme from 2005, all available from www.ergophizmiz.com/wholepole

Pure Sound:

Happy Birthday From Texas (4'48")

Pure Sound are made up of Vince Hunt , Harry Stafford and noise guitarist Colin Grimshaw. This album explores different ideas of found sound, and features samples of Texan prisoners recorded by Alan Lomax in 1933 alongside Vince Hunt's own lyrics.

Album: Yukon

Euphonium Promo


Sun Ra Arkestra:

Space is the Place (5'00")

This recording of Sun Ra (1914-1993) and his Arkestra live in Chicago on Sept 25, 1978 documents the entire performance that night. Sun Ra, who claimed to be of the Angel Race from Saturn, came to be known as much for his cosmic philosophy as his music.

Album: Springtime in Chicago

Golden Years of New Jazz

Big Toe:

Direct Sales (3'34")

Big Toe are fronted by Theresa Connelly, with James Tarling and Chris Cousin. They claim to make songs that will comfort the modern borderline personality, that will make grown men weep as them remember how big boys stole their dinner money..This is their debut single.

Single: Direct Sales

Bathysphere white label


Kid Koala:

Start Heeeeears Koala (5'09")

Kid Koala, born as Eric San in 1974, hails from Vancouver and began scratching vinyl at the age of 12. The first American signing of the Ninja Tune label - in 1995 - Kid Koala is also an accomplished illustrator, and is currently working on a puppet show.

Album: Your Mom's Favourite DJ

Ninja Tune ZENCD127P



Feedback 200420040910

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring highlights from a concert given as part of this year's "Feedback" Contemporary Music Network tour and including improvisations by Otomo Yoshihide, Nicolas Collins and the tour's curator Knut Aufermann.

Recorded at Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke's, London in June.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a session by English electronic musician Darren Durham, aka FortDax.

Fred Frith And Chris Cutler20030615

Robert Sandall presents a recording of a concert given last week by the duo of guitarist Fred Frith and percussionist Chris Cutler, both former members of the English experimental rock group Henry Cow.

Fuse Festival In Leeds - 120060512

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce highlights from concerts by Alexander's Annexe and Max De Wardener

Fuse Part 120040312

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present highlights from last weekend's Fuse Festival in Leeds with a live set by American group Yo La Tengo recorded at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on Saturday.

Fuse Part 220040326

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present their second programme from the Fuse Festival in Leeds, featuring a live set by The Bays, an improvising group who never record in the studio and have built up a cult following in clubs around the country.

Recorded at the Wardrobe earlier this month.

Fuseleeds06 - 220060519

In the second of Mixing its two programmes from FuseLeeds06, Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce highlights from Spire, an event which brings together the worlds of classical and electronic music in a sonic exploration of the organ as an instrument.

Recorded at Leeds Town Hall.

Ghent, Antwerp And Brussels20040130

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell report from the Belgian cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. They talk to members of the group dEUS, electronica artist Eavesdropper, chamber rock drummer Daniel Denis, electro waste buskers Kapotski, singer-songwriter An Pierle, and robot maker, performance artist and composer Godfried-Willem Raes.

Homelife & Trans Am20011104

With Robert Sandall and Mark Russell, featuring Homelife - a large and unclassifiable band from Manchester - and US electro-rock trio Trans Am.

In Concert - Du-tels & Meta-420011202

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a mixed bill from Ocean in Hackney, including psychedelic folk duo Du-Tels, and Meta-4 featuring composer Rolf Gehlhaar.

Instal Festival20040102

Robert Sandall reports from the Instal Festival held in Glasgow last November, and introduces performances by two Japanese acts - post-punk avant-rockers The Boredoms, and abstract noise-sculptor Merzbow - plus legendary British improv trio AMM.

Jaga Jazzist And Django Bates.20050722

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a specially recorded session by the group Jaga Jazzist in collaboration with keyboard player Django Bates.

Jeff Tweedy20050513

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall talk to singer-songwriter and Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy.

Joan As Police Woman20060721
Joby Talbot, Billiardman20020505

A South Bank concert featuring composer Joby Talbot and his chamber pop ensemble Billiardman, turntable artist Lepke B, and Simon Fisher Turner.

Joe Boyd *20060811

In an extended interview, Robert Sandall and Mark Russell talk to record producer Joe Boyd whose recent book White Bicycles tells the story of music in the 1960s. The programme includes music by Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Chris McGregor and The Watersons.

Today's programme is dedicated to an interview with record producer Joe Boyd, focussing on his recent book White Bicycles: making music in the 1960s.

White Bicycles is published by Serpent's Tail (ISBN 1 85242 910 0)



Click here to see Joe Boyd's choices on Radio 3's Private Passions

Reverend Gary Davis: Gates to the City (3.53)

Reverend Gary Davis (vocal/guitar)

album: If I Had My Way

Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD40123



The Watersons: The 30 Foot Trailer (3.27)

The Watersons: Lal Waterson, Norma Waterson, Mike Waterson and John Harrison

album: Mighty River of Song

Topic TSCD545


Click here to read a review of this record

The Incredible String Band: When the Music Starts to Play (2.40)

Mike Heron (lead vocal/guitar); Robin Williamson (whistle/vocal); third Incredible String Band member Clive Palmer doesn't appear on this track

Produced by Joe Boyd; engineered by John Wood at Sound Techniques, London

album: The Incredible String Band

Elektra 7559-61547-2

Re-issued as Hannibal HNCD 4437


Pink Floyd: Bike (3.23)

Syd Barrett (lead guitar/vocals); Roger Waters (bass guitar/vocals); Rick Wright (organ/piano); Nicky Mason (drums); produced for EMI by Norman Smith

album: The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

EMI CDP 7 46384 2


Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath: Andromeda (4.04)

Chris McGregor (piano/leader); Malcolm Griffiths, Nick Evans (trombones); Mongezi Feza (pocket trumpet/Indian flute); Mark Charig (cornet); Harry Beckett (trumpet); Dudu Pukwana (alto sax); Ronnie Beer (tenor sax/Indian flute); Alan Skidmore (tenor and soprano sax); Mike Osborne (alto sax/clarinet); John Surman (baritone sax/soprano sax); Harry Miller (bass); Louis Moholo (drums/percussion)

Solos: Mongezi Feza, Nick Evans, Dudu Pukwana

Produced by Joe Boyd for Witchseason Productions Ltd; engineered by Roger Mayer at Sound Techniques, London

album: Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath (1971)

Repertoire 4468


Nick Drake: Poor Boy (2.55)

Nick Drake (vocals/guitar); Ray Warleigh (alto sax); Chris McGregor (piano); Dave Pegg (bass); Mike Kowalski (drums); PP Arnold, Doris Troy (backing vocals)

Produced by Joe Boyd for Witchseason Productions Ltd; engineered by John Wood at Sound Techniques, London

album: Bryter Layter

Island IMCD 71



Click here for more on Nick Drake

Molly Drake: How Wild the Wind Blows (1.19)

Molly Drake (piano/vocal)

Private tape - not commercially available, but hopefully will be one day

Nick Drake: Way to Blue (3.08)

Arrangement by Robert Kirby

Produced by Joe Boyd for Witchseason Productions Ltd; engineered by John Wood at Sound Techniques, London

album: Five Leaves Left

Island IMCD 8



John Cale20031219

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences and talk to rock legend John Cale about his new album, Hobosapiens.

John Parish Interview20051021

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring an interview with guitarist John Parish at his studio in Bristol.

Johnny Dowd20030427

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present another eclectic mix of alternative tracks, including a specially recorded session by the idiosyncratic American singer/songwriter Johnny Dowd.

Juana Molina20050527

including a specially recorded session from Argentinian singer and electronics artist Juana Molina.

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, including a specially recorded session from Argentinian singer and electronics artist Juana Molina.


To coincide with Radio 3's coverage of the Fuse Festival in Leeds, Robert Sandall and Mark Russell report on the city's underground music scene. They visit the Termite Club, one of the country's longest established showcases for live improvised music, and talk to the vibracathedral orchestra, indie band Hood, electronic artist randomNumber and jazz drummer Paul Hession.

London Jazz Festival 2004 - Part 120041119

In the first of two programmes from this year's London Jazz Festival, Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce Matthew Herbert's new project Plat du Jour, in which he joins forces with chef Rosie Sykes and arranger Pete Wraight to explore the politics and sound of food production.

London Jazz Festival 2004 - Part 220041126

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall with a double bill from the London Jazz Festival, featuring saxophonist Trevor Watts with percussionist Jamie Harris and chamber rock group Clogs.

Los Angeles 120051209

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall head to LA and talk to electronic musician Ken Gibson (aka Eight Frozen Modules); percussionist Amy Knoles - of the California EAR Unit; and guitarist and producer Ry Cooder about his project Chávez Ravine.

They also explore some of the city's alternative music history with arranger Van Dyke Parks and Frank Zappa collaborator Don Preston.

Los Angeles 220060106

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present the second part of their feature on alternative music in Los Angeles. They meet film composer Jon Brion, hip hop producer Madlib, guitarist Nels Cline, sound artist Akira Rabelais, and Captain Beefheart drummer John French.

Lou Reed2003051820031226

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall are joined by one of the most influential figures on the alternative rock scene, Lou Reed, to discuss his distinguished career both with the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist. For a Mixing It factsheet write to: Mixing It BBC Broadcasting House London W1A 1AA Alternatively e-mail, visit the website or try Ceefax page 652.

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall are joined by an influential figure on the alternative rock scene, Lou Reed, to discuss his distinguished career both with the Velvet Underground and as a solo artist.

Marc Ribot20010819

American guitarist Marc Ribot talks about his eclectic career playing with Lounge Lizards, John Zorn, Tom Waits and his own current band, Los Cubanos Postizos.

Mark Feldman And Graham Clark20050204

This edition features a specially recorded session by violinists Mark Feldman and Graham Clark.

Matmos Session20050401

The Detholz!: Spectacula (3.25)

Chris Smith: Alcohol (3.35)

Angels of Light: My Friend Thor (2.05)

Zu: Solar Anus (3.50)

Laura Veirs: Orphan Mae (2.00)

A Hawk and A Hacksaw: For Slavoj (4.55)

Angil: She said 'What you doing' he said 'I am leaving' (3.05)

Littl Shyning Man: Hanging With Mr Cooper (2.50)

Matmos: Aluminium; Sewing Needles; Wooden Boxes; Bells, Whistles; Jew's Harp (20.00)

Matmos is the San Francisco duo of MC Schmidt and Drew Daniel.

For this performance they were joined by Jay Lesser (aka Lesser, Tigerbeat6 recording artist).

This performance is based around aluminium objects, and features MC Schmidt tearing open an empty beer can and playing an aluminium foot plate with a pair of wire brushes, before moving on to a series of improvisations based around the sounds of sewing needles, wooden boxes, bells, whistles and a Jew's harp.

Recorded 17 March 2005 at BBC Broadcasting House

Mike Ladd: Worldwide Shrinkwrap (Contact Zones) (3.35).

Matthew Herbert Big Band2003112120040409

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a performance by the Matthew Herbert Big Band, which brings together live electronics and orchestral jazz, with arrangements by Pete Wraight and vocals by Dani Siciliano and Jamie Lidell. Recorded at the Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday as part of this year's London Jazz Festival.

Max De Wardener20050218

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce another selection of unusual sounds, including a specially recorded session from Max De Wardener playing cloud chamber bowls.

Meltdown - Daniel Johnston And Legendary Stardust Cowboy20020616

Last night's concert from the Meltdown Festival featuring cult American acts Daniel Johnston and Legendary Stardust Cowboy.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, including a site-specific performance from the Niemeyer Pavilion of London's Serpentine Gallery by Mimeo, an international improvising group including Pita, Kaffe Matthews, Jérôme Noetinger and Keith Rowe.

Mira Calix20040917

With Mark Russell and Robert Sandall. Featuring an interview with Durban-born electronica artist Mira Calix, whose recent work has incorporated the sound of insects inside an anechoic chamber.

Montréal Part 120041105

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report on the alternative music scene in Montréal, and talk to turntablist Martin Tétreault, Mexican-American singer Lhasa, hip hop producer Sixtoo and members of the influential experimental rock band Godspeed You Black Emperor!.

Montréal Part 220041203

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce more music from their recent visit to Montreal.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, including a specially recorded session by the Icelandic one man band known as Mugison.

Newcastle2003092620040227 (R3)

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall explore the alternative music scene in Newcastle and meet Jazzfinger, Jumbo, Andrew Hodson, Guessmen, Richard Dawson, Astro and Prism, Mushi Mushi and Posset.

Nobukazu Takemura20040402

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a studio session by Japanese improviser and composer Nobukazu Takemura, who brought his Child's View band to the UK in February for a Contemporary Music Network tour. The group includes Aki Tsuyoko (vocals, keyboards), Anna Mizoguchi (marimba, vibes), Mikael Jorgensen (keyboards), Matt Lux (double bass), Jun Nagami (drums) and Nobukazu Takemura (electronics, guitar).

Ocean 220010805

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell introduce a concert recorded last week at Ocean 2 in Hackney. Featuring Sandy Dillon with her avant-garde take on the blues, the rich textures of Rothko's three bass guitars, and a fusion of dance beats and devotional qawwali singing from Fundamental and the Rizwan Muazzam Qawwal.

P J Harvey - In Concert2005030420060217

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a special In Concert edition featuring a unique semi-acoustic gig by leading UK rock artist PJ Harvey.

This concert was recorded exclusively for Mixing It at the Royal Court Theatre in London last December, a venue which allowed Grammy-nominated Polly Harvey and her band to experiment with scaling down their full-on rock sound to an intimate feel with acoustic guitars and a lighter percussion set-up.

P J Harvey - Interview20040625

Featuring an interview with singer/songwriter PJ Harvey.

P J Harvey - Interview20041224

Featuring an interview with singer/songwriter PJ Harvey.

Paddy Mcaloon20030706

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present an eclectic mix of new music and talk to Paddy McAloon of Prefab Sprout about his new album, I Trawl the Megahertz, inspired by listening to the radio.


Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring a session by the Australian trio Pateras/Baxter/Brown, consisting of Anthony Pateras (prepared piano and electronics), David Brown (prepared guitar) and Sean Baxter (percussion).

People Like Us Session20070209

Sudden Infant:

Noise Relaxation (4'11")

Sudden Infant is Joke Lanz, based in Berlin & London. Working in the area of Experimental and Free Music, Sudden Infant builds up complex Noise compositions, using unconventional sound sources, lo-fi electronics and turntables. The result is abrupt Musique Concrete juxtapositions of spasmodic gibbering and a battery of disorienting electronics.

Album: Sudden Infant's Invocation of the Aural Slave Gods

Blossoming Noise BN006CD


Twocsinak & DJ Sarah Wilson:

I Know I Have no Input (2'46")

Army of Me (2'37")

Joseph Howard Grounds is DJ Sarah Wilson is Twocsinak, a tall, self-effacing young man/woman/nurse/artist residing in Bristol, UK. In the mischievous spirit of Matmos, People Like Us and ingenious comedic pariahs Noble & Silver, this album features chance-flaw music from a human with an enviable lexicon of lateral thought, made in admirable ignorance of this century's advancements in technology. Each of its 18 tracks is at the very least conceptually tethered to a pun, out-joke, song by a notable other or beautifully mundane encounter rendered in real-time on a minidisc player.

Album: "Jesus is a Brave Little Toaster"

Wrong Music WNG002


Basquiat Strings / Seb Rochford:

Double Dares (5'26")

The Basquiat Strings is a flexible string group set up by cellist Ben Davis consisting of up to 5 players, perfoming Ben's original music. It features Emma Smith & Victoria Fifield - violins, Nell Catchpole - viola, Ben Davis - cello, Richard Pryce- double-bass. The group specialise in modern jazz & related music. This is their debut album

Album: Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford

F-ire CD18



Kidz are so Small (1'58")

Deerhoof was formed in 1994 by Rob Fisk and Greg Saunier. Now joined by Satomi Matsuzaki on bass & vocals, their new album Friend Opportunity was recorded in John's bedroom. Deerhoof are currently working with composer Ed Shearmer on the soundtrack to the upcoming film Dedication.

Album: Friend Opportunity



Ergo Phizmiz:

Get UR Freak On (5'32")

Ergo Phizmiz has two new cds out on the Womb label, including this cd of newly mastered versions of Ergo's acclaimed reinventions of

contemporary pop songs "Arff & Beef", and the cover of the

entirety of the Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat"

Album: Arff & Beef

Womb 104



People Like Us in session:

On The Rooftops of London (19'45")

For 16 years Vicki Bennett has been making CDs, radio, and A/V multimedia under the name People Like Us. By animating and recontextualising found footage collages Vicki gives an equally witty and dark view of popular culture with a surrealistic edge. People Like Us makes an ongoing experimental arts radio show on WFMU, called "DO or DIY", which, since it began in 2003, has had over a quarter of a million Realplayer hits.


Do Make Say Think:

A With Living (4'30")

Do Make Say Think is a Canadian instrumental post-rock band from Toronto, Ontario. The band formed in 1995 as a recording project for a Canadian youth dramatic production. They rehearsed for the aforementioned production in an empty elementary school room, there they took the four simple verbs 'Do', 'Make', 'Say' and 'Think' from the walls of the room and adopted them as their band name. Their music combines jazz style drums and space style electronic effects, distorted guitars and wind instruments as well as a prominent use of the bass guitar. The group consists of Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, bass, saxophone, flute), David Mitchell (drums), James Payment (drums), Justin Small (guitar) and Charles Spearin (bass, guitar, trumpet).

Album: You, You're a History in Rust

Constellation CST045-2


Yoko Ono / The Flaming Lips:

Cambridge 1969 / 2007 (5'37")

This album features collaborations with The Flaming Lips, Cat Power, Antony, Spiritualized, Peaches, Hank Shocklee, The Apples in Stereo, The Sleepy Jackson, Le Tigre and many more, reworking original Ono songs.

Album: Yes, I'm a Witch

Parlophone promo


People Like Us:

ReMixing It (5'16")

white label

The Fall:

Over! Over! (4'04")

Sporting a completely new line up since "Fall Heads Roll", this new Fall album begins a busy year for the group, with Mark E Smith's autobiography due to hit the shelves in the summer, and a UK tour in March and April.

Album: Reformation Post TLC

Slogan SLOCD007



Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences, and talk to the group Plaid.

Plat Du Jour20050701

From last year's London Jazz Festival, another chance to hear Matthew Herbert's Plat du Jour project in which he explores the politics and sound of food production with a group that includes Dave O'Higgins and Peter Wraight (wind/samples), Phil Parnell (keyboard/samples), and Leo Taylor (percussion/bottles/domestic waste).

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall.

Popcorn Superhet Receiver20050624

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a recording of Jonny Greenwood's BBC commission Popcorn Superhet Receiver, performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Robert Ziegler.

Prefuse 7320030713

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present more highlights from this year's Sonar festival of advanced music and talk to the experimental hip hop producer Scott Herren, aka Prefuse 73.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 07 January 199119910107

Next in series: 27 May 1991

Previous in series: 29 October 1990


SBH:MIXING IT - Edition of the alternative music programme. Incl. comment on newly released recordings & interview with artist & musician Laurie Anderson in which she refs. to vocal & recording techniques, performance work. Presenters: Mark Russell & Robert Sandall

PRE:Presenters review Pinski Zoo LP & play selection of new releases. 19'20"" in - Anderson int. Russell: Influence of language on music. Ways of using voice without singing. 'O Superman' hit record - made very simply. Enjoys recording - works fast. Andy Warhol's infuence on art - ""product ethic"". Performance work - sings and talks, but could become ""electronic artist"". Goals is ""to look at ordinary situations differently"". Presenters discuss Anderson's work: has become more mainstream. TXN/TDT:R3 07-Jan-1991

Broadcast history

07 Jan 1991 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 3)


Mark Russell (int)

Robert Sandall (Speaker)

Laurie Anderson (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 201599.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 11 September 199519950911

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 18 September 1995

Previous in series: CHRIS CUTLER

Broadcast history

11 Sep 1995 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1995-08-24.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 12 February 199619960212

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 19 February 1996

Previous in series: 29 January 1996

Broadcast history

12 Feb 1996 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1996-02-05.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 15 January 199619960115

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 22 January 1996

Previous in series: 18 December 1995

Broadcast history

15 Jan 1996 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1996-01-08.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 18 September 199519950918

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 25 September 1995

Previous in series: 11 September 1995

Broadcast history

18 Sep 1995 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1995-09-15.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 19 February 199619960219

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 26 February 1996

Previous in series: 12 February 1996

Broadcast history

19 Feb 1996 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1996-02-15.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 1991052719910527

27 May 1991

Producer: A. HALL

Next in series: 16 March 1992

Previous in series: 07 January 1991

Broadcast history

27 May 1991 22:30-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1991-05-17.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 22 January 199619960122

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 29 January 1996

Previous in series: 15 January 1996

Broadcast history

22 Jan 1996 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3).

Programme Catalogue - Details: 25 September 199519950925

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 02 October 1995

Previous in series: 18 September 1995

Broadcast history

25 Sep 1995 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1995-09-15.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 26 February 199619960226

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 04 March 1996

Previous in series: 19 February 1996

Broadcast history

26 Feb 1996 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1996-02-19.

Programme Catalogue - Details: 29 January 199619960129

Producer: P. TAGNEY

Next in series: 12 February 1996

Previous in series: 22 January 1996

Broadcast history

29 Jan 1996 22:45-23:30 (RADIO 3)

Recorded on 1996-01-22.

Regina Spektor *20060630

Singer/songwriter Regina Spektor joins Mark Russell and Robert Sandall to talk about her music, and she plays a selection of songs at the piano.

Rephlex Records20011028

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present an eclectic mix of new music on CD and highlights of the Rephlex Records night at the Barbican's Elektronic Festival.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a special feature about the alternative music scene in Reykjavik.

Robert Wyatt20030919

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a unique mix of musical styles and influences. Plus an interview with singer-songwriter Robert Wyatt about his new album Cuckooland.

Robin Williamson20030601

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce another eclectic selection of new releases plus a live set from Robin Williamson, performing solo on vocals, guitar and harp.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce an exclusive session by Rothko, the project of bassist Mark Beazley, in collaboration with the English musician and composer Roger Eno.

Ry Cooder20050617

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring an interview with Ry Cooder about his latest recording project Chávez Ravine, which tells the story of a once vibrant Mexican-American neighbourhood in Los Angeles, lost to redevelopment in the 1950s.

Sarah Peebles20010902

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present an eclectic mix of new music. Including an interview with Canadian electronic composer Sarah Peebles.

Sérgio Dias20050923

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present highlights from the first ever UK appearance by the Brazilian guitarist and vocalist Sérgio Dias, recorded at Guanabara in London's West End - featuring the music of Os Mutantes, the psychedelic tropicalia group he co-founded in 1966.

Shockheaded Peter20020519

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a mix of new music on CD and talk to singer David Thomas about his role in `Shockheaded Peter' and the latest album by his band Pere Ubu.

Sion Orgon20041015

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce another selection of intriguing and unusual sounds, including a specially recorded session from Sion Orgon and his band.

Smash And Teeny20030525

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell play another selection of extraordinary music, and present a session from the Canadian duo Smash and Teeny, which features Sarah Peebles on computer and the Japanese mouth organ, or shô, with Nilan Perera on treated guitar. They are joined by special guest John Butcher on saxophones. For a Mixing It factsheet write to: Mixing It BBC Broadcasting House London W1A 1AA.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present an eclectic mix of new music and talk to Dutch sampling artist Elisabeth Esselink, aka Solex.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce a studio session by Solex, the Dutch group led by musician and samplist Elisabeth Esselink.

Sonar Tenth Anniversary20030622

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall report from the Sonar festival of electronic music in Barcelona on its tenth anniversary. Artists featured this year include Kim Hiorthoy, David Grubbs and Prefuse 73.

Spitz 200420040514

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce performances from surrealist composer and sound artist Ergo Phizmiz, and the collaboration of London samplist Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us, and San Francisco's Jon Leidecker, aka Wobbly, 'an idiotic sample collage, hellbent on self-harm'. Recorded at the Spitz in East London last Saturday.

Stephin Merritt And The Magnetic Fields20040507

Presented by Robert Sandall and Mark Russell and featuring an interview with New York singer songwriter Stephin Merritt, front man of the group The Magnetic Fields.

Their new album I is a collection of songs sequenced in alphabetical order and all starting with the letter I.


Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring an interview with Doseone and Dax Pierson, both members of the San Fransisco-based group Subtle.

Inspired by Can, De la Soul and Matmos as well as the work of Dylan Thomas

and the Beat poets, the music of Subtle is part hip-hop and part electro-acoustic experimentalism: thought-provoking and surrealist rhymes delivered over drum loops created from the sound of dictionaries, money and suitcases.

Super Numeri And Corporate Athlete20061117

Caural: Dead Armies (3'32")

Mugstar: My baby skull has not yet flowered (6'28")

Richard Ayres: Wallace (5'58")

Interview with Snap Ant & Karl Webb from Super Numeri (3'00")

Super Numeri: extract of live set from Radio 3's Free-Thinking Festival, Liverpool (10'00")

Joanna Newsom: Cosmia (7'10")

Igor Krutugolov's Karate Band: Adidas in your ass 2'21"

Geir Jenssen: Tingri: the last truck (5'20")

Interview with Rob Strachan (Corporate Athlete) (3'00")

Corporate Athlete: extract of live set from Radio 3's Free-Thinking Festival, Liverpool (9'00")

Pop Levi: Blue Honey (3'43").

The Fall20060210

Featuring a session by the legendary rock band The Fall, including new versions of songs from the latest album, Fall Heads Roll, and a rare interview with vocalist Mark E Smith

Tim Gane - Stereolab20040416

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall and featuring an interview with Tim Gane of the group Stereolab.

Tom Chant And Otomo Yoshihide. Session20070105

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a studio session pairing saxophonist Tom Chant with turntablist/guitarist Otomo Yoshihide.

DJ Yves St Laurent: Leave that electronic dog alone (0'49")

Field Music: Working to Work (2'49")

Martin Pyne: Stringing the Bow (4'54")

Flute Force: "Crimson Clash" from Land of the Farther Suns (7'44")

Tom Chant/Otomo Yoshihide: Improvisation 1 (14'28) - Tom Chant (soprano saxophone) - Otomo Yoshihide (turntable and electric guitar)

of Montreal: Bunny ain't no kind of rider (3'50")

Project perfect: The Down Time (5'04")

Joe Driscoll: Grass will overcome (2'43")

Tom Chant/Otomo Yoshihide: Improvisation 2 (7'18) - Tom Chant (tenor saxophone) - Otomo Yoshihide (electric guitar and turntable)

Tokyo Police Club: Citizens of tomorrow (2'44")

Huntsville:Melon (7'24")

Solypsis: 15 Seconds of Fame (0'15").

Tom Heasley20040827

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall feature a session with Los Angeles-based tuba player Tom Heasley, who creates ambient electro-acoustic music through digital processing and loops.

Tom Verlaine20060818

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell are joined by singer and guitarist Tom Verlaine of legendary new wave band Television to discuss his recent double album of songs and instrumentals, his first new release since 1992.

Hellwood: Man in a Plaid Suit

Hellwood is a collaboration featuring Johnny Dowd (vocals/guitar) with his regular drummer Willie B (drums/bass pedals/keyboard) and fellow purveyor of twisted Americana Jim White (banjo/bass/percussion/vocals). This song was previously featured on Mixing It when Johnny Dowd came in to record a session in April 2003.

album: Chainsaw of Life

Munich Records MRCD 277





Click here to find out more about the film Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus, featuring Jim White and Johnny Dowd

Root 70: Get Things Straight

Root 70 is a jazz quartet consisting of Nils Wogram, Jochen Rueckert, Matt Penman and Hayden Chisholm. On this album they tackle the music of Mixing It regular Burnt Friedman and his projects The Nu Dub Players and Flanger.

album: Heaps Dub

Nonplace non 20



2Mex and Life Rexall are $Martyr: Jerry Reuss

This collaboration features two stalwarts of the LA hip hop scene: 2Mex is also a member of Visionaries, SunGodSonz and Of Mexican Descent, while Life Rexall is a member of The Shape Shifters. This track also features fast-talking LA rapper Busdriver.

Produced by Life Rexall; additional keys by Polyhedron

album: Money Symbol Martyrs

Cornerstone Ras CRAS-CD-051





Derek Bailey: Play 4

Derek Bailey's final solo recording was this session, originally taped for David Sylvian's Blemish album in 2003. David Sylvian booked Derek Bailey into the Moat studio in London and urged him to provide him with something that would challenge him as a vocalist.

album: To Play - the Blemish Sessions

Samadhisound sound cd ss008



Tom Verlaine interview

Tom Verlaine came into the Mixing It studio to discuss his recent solo albums: the instrumental album 'Around', and 'Songs and Other Things', his first solo vocal release in 15 years.

Music details:

Tom Verlaine: The O of Adore; Eighty Eights; Peace Piece; Blue Light; Lovebird Asylum Seeker

Television: Marquee Moon

album: Marquee Moon

Elektra 7559 606162

Tom Verlaine: The Earth is in the Sky

The O of Adore and Eighty Eights appear on the album Around (Thrill Jockey thrill 174) featuring Tom Verlaine (guitar), Patrick A Derivaz (bass) and Billy Ficca (drums)

Peace Piece, Blue Light, Lovebird Asylum Seeker and The Earth is in the Sky appear on the album Songs and Other Things (Thrill Jockey thrill 173)


Click here for reviews of these albums

John Tchicai/Charlie Kohlhase/Garrison Fewell: Ramana Maharshi

John Tchicai (tenor sax/bass clarinet/voice/percussion); Charlie Kohlhase (tenor sax/alto sax/baritone sax); Garrison Fewell (guitar/chopsticks/slide/percussion)

Recorded live at the Unitarian Meeting House, Amherst, Massachusetts, 13 December 2003

album: Good Night Songs

Boxholder Records BXH 050/051




Humcrush: Cyborg II

This is from the second album by the Norwegian duo of Thomas Strønen of Food and the Bobo Stenson Quartet (drums/live electronics) and Ståle Storløkken of Supersilent and Cucumber (keyboards). They originally got together at the Jazz Academy in Trondheim.

album: Hornswoggle

Rune Grammofon RCD2055



Arno P Jiri Kraehahn: Supafly Rmx

This comes from a CD curated, at the behest of the Sonic Arts Network, by Japanese-born, Berlin-based performance artist and dancer Junko Wada. Arno P Jiri Kraehahn is another Berlin resident who works as a sound designer and composer for theatre, dance and installation. This piece was written for 'Die Familie Schroffenstein at the Schauspielhaus, Zürich, in 2003.

album: Music Dances Itself

Sonic Arts Network SAN 2006



Esbjörn Svensson Trio: Brewery of Beggars

Esbjörn Svensson (piano); Dan Berglund (bass); Magnus Öström (drums)

album: Tuesday Wonderland

The ACT Company ACT 9016-2



Amy Kohn: My Epoxied Rose

Amy Kohn (voice/piano/accordion/glockenspiel); Nikki Scheller (harmony); Peter Hess (flute/saxes); Robert Carlisle (French horn); Erik Jekabson (trumpet); Tom Gavin (banjo/guitar); Jonathan Dinklage (violin/viola); Wolfram Koessel (cello); Benjamin Rubin (bass); Scott McLemore (drums)

This track refers to a rose made of leather that Amy was wearing during a show at Joe's Pub in New York. The rose was falling apart, and was glued together with epoxy. The condition of the rose felt like a metaphor for a relationship she was in at that time.

album: I'm in Crinolene

Amymusic AM 2006


Fluorescent Grey: Drawer full of booster seats (pt 2 of 3); Indian classical beat sliced and sautéed

Fluorescent Grey is Northern California-based producer Robbie Martin.

album: Lying on the floor mingling with God in a Tijuana motel room next door to a veterinary supply store

Isolate Records iso-11


Howe Gelb: Underneath The Arches

This comes from a compilation that was put together by the Thrill Jockey label in collaboration with 'Stop Smiling': a self-styled magazine for 'high-minded low-life'. The CD appears as a cover-mount on the magazine's all English edition, which is why the label chose to ask its artists to cover the song Underneath the Arches, made famous by 1940s English comedy/musical duo Flanagan and Allen.

album: Stop Smiling and Thrill Jockey present Songs inspired by Underneath the Arches

Thrill Jockey/Stop Smiling CD



Tom Waits - Interview20070126

The Earlies:

Burn the Liars (2'44")

From Manchester and Texas, The Earlies are about to release their second album. The Enemy Chorus.

Single: Burn the Liars

Names promo



Voices of Spring; Rabbit Hop (5'49")

Featuring Andy Sheppard, Kuljit Bhamra, Neville Malcolm, Seb Rochford, Shri Sriram and the Britten Sinfonia, this album presents Joanna MacGregor's arrangements of Moondog's notated works right through to almost entirely new MacGregor compositions which took flight from short field recordings of Moondog himself.

Album: Joanna MacGregor and Britten Sinfonia present Moondog - Sidewalk Dances

Sound Circus SC010



Grinderman (4'31")

Grinderman are Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos and Martyn Casey. Their debut album was recorded in a week in April 2006. As Memphis Slim said in 1941, "While everything is quiet and easy Mr. Grinder can have his way."

Album: Grinderman



Nick Didkovsky:

She Closes Her Sister with Heavy Bones (7'30")

Nick Didkovsky is a New York based guitarist - this album showcases his love of peculiar uses for a guitar, and also features string quartet, computers and miscellaneous electronics.

Album: Tube Mouth Bow String

Pogus P21042-2


Tom Waits interview with NPR:

Tom Waits has a 3-CD album out on the Anti label, called Orphans.

MUSIC: Bend Down The Branches

MUSIC: Heigh Ho

MUSIC: On The Road



Night Vision (6'08")

DJ Distance comes from Bromley, south of London.

Album: My Demons

Planet Mu ZIQ170CD



Animal Collective:

Tikwid (4'16")

A new 4-track EP from the New York-based psychedelic 4-piece: Geologist; Panda Bear; Avey Tare; Deakin

EP: People

Fatcat 600116926029




Rosy Parlane:

Part One (13'08")

This atmospheric album was recorded in Auckland, New Zealand between 2004-2006. Parlane was in the New Zealand trio Thela, then went on to a solo career, as well as co-founding the Sigma Editions record label.

Album: Jessamine

Touch TO:68


The Shadow Orchestra:

Creaking and Bowing; Feedback No. 2 (8'04")

The Shadow Orchestra are a British 5-piece group led by the composer, producer, guitarist and cellist Chris Bangs.

Album: The Shadow Orchestra

Shadow CD1


The Fall:

White Line Fever (3'00")

Sporting a completely new line up since "Fall Heads Roll", this new Fall album begins a busy year for the group, with Mark E Smith's autobiography due to hit the shelves in the summer, and a UK tour in March and April.

Album: Reformation Post TLC

Slogan SLOCD007


Toolshed And Jamie Lidell2004043020050121

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a special double bill from the Empire Music Hall in Belfast as part of this year's Music Live, featuring Toolshed, the project of 808 State's Graham Massey, and a solo set by Jamie Lidell, whose stunning live performances combine electronics, sound processing and vocals.


Mark Russell and Robert Sandall talk to Doug McCombs of the influential Chicago group Tortoise, who release a new album in April and are co-curating next weekend's All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Sussex.

Van Dyke Parks20041022

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present a mix of musical styles and influences. Tonight, composer and lyricist Van Dyke Parks talks about his involvement in Brian Wilson's Smile project.

Wide Open Cage20040813

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall present a mix of musical styles and influences. Tonight's programme features a session by the Parisian group Wide Open Cage.


Robert Sandall and Mark Russell present music from a wide-ranging spectrum of styles.

Yee King And Graham Gatheral20041210

Mark Russell and Robert Sandall introduce another selection of intriguing and unusual sounds, including a session by the improvising electronics duo Yee King and Graham Gatheral.