Mister Wonderful

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  • by Maggie Allen
  • claire....Julia Mckenzie
  • directed by Enyd Williams
  • frank....John Baddeley
  • joyce....Frances Jeater
  • karen....fritha goodey
  • matt....david galloway
  • richard....Ifan Meredith
  • sophie....Sophie Arnold
  • the barman....daniel rabin
  • 2003101320040325 (BBC7)
    20040326 (BBC7)
    20041111 (BBC7)
    20041112 (BBC7)
    20050623 (BBC7)
    20050624 (BBC7)
    20061114 (BBC7)
    20061115 (BBC7)
    20070822 BT=1015 (BBC7)
    20070822 BT=2115 (BBC7)
    20070823 BT=0215 (BBC7)
    Every night, Claire talks to her beloved late husband.|But she is about to surprise him, and herself, by revealing her relationship with her dishy young decorator.|Each night Claire talks to her late husband.|But then she surprises him by revealing her relationship with her young decorator...|A widow for two years Clare still feels the loss of her husband.|Is handsome decorator Richard the answer to her prayers?