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20050412Told through a series of inter-cutting monologues by several family members, the story of the disappearance of a 19-year-old man gradually unfolds.|Although entirely fictional, every word is in fact taken from extensive interviews with families whose lives have been affected by the heartache that follows when someone goes missing.
  • created by writer Rhiannon Tise
  • father....alan williams
  • husband....shaun dooley
  • mother....jean stevens
  • sister....kate mcgeever
  • with.... - - - - john roger from the salvation army family tracing service
  • 20010811By Elisabeth Bond.|When the presenter of an Italian radio programme about missing persons takes a call from a woman who claims to know the whereabouts of a brilliant young flautist, she sets off to find him.|With Suzanna Hamilton, Lynda Rooke, Matthew Thomas and Rob Hutchinson.|Directed by Sara Davies