The Misanthrope



The Misanthrope by Molière, in a new version by Roger McGough

from the Everyman Playhouse and English Touring Theatre Co. production.

As part of Baroque Spring, Radio 3's season of Baroque music and culture, and following on from the Sunday concert, a new adaptation of this classic French play performed live in front of an audience at Powis Castle.

How to lose friends and infuriate people - a mockery of manners and morals set amid 17th century French aristocracy. Disgusted with French society, where powdered fops gossip in code and bejewelled coquettes whisper behind fans, poet Alceste embarks on a one-man crusade against fakery, frippery and forked tongues. But could the woman he adores be the worst culprit of them all? And in this rarefied world will his revolution prove merely revolting..?

Dubois - Neil Caple

Philante - Simon Coates

Clitandre - Leander Deeny

Oronte - Daniel Goode

Eliante - Alison Pargeter

Acaste - George Potts

Celimene - Zara Tempest-Walters

Alceste - Colin Tierney

Arsinoe - Harvey Virdi

Music by Peter Coyte

Directed for the stage by Gemma Bodinetz

Produced and directed for radio by Pauline Harris


By Moliere, translated and adapted by Tony Harrison. Alceste is the original misanthrope: he rants against human hypocrisy and saves his most pointed attacks for those around him. Whether friend or foe, he is determined to be honest, no matter what it costs. But Alceste is in love with Celimene, who does not appear to be as pure and virtuous as she seems. With David Schofield, Alan Cox, Maria Miles, Randel Herley, Brigit Forsyth and Michael Begley. Director Nandita Ghose.