Miraculous Fever Tree, The

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0120030707"By Fiammetta Rocco Malaria is one of the world's most deadly diseases.|There was no cure until the discovery in Peru of a remarkable tree and its bitter tasting bark.|Hilary Neville reads an account of quinine's transformation of medicine and the history of Empire.|In the first of five extracts, we hear a remarkable first-hand account of how the efforts to elect a new Pope in high summer led to cardinals dropping dead and scenes lacking in all dignity.|It was clear to the Jesuits that something had to be done.
0220030708By Fiammetta Rocco.|Hilary Neville reads how the Jesuits brought back a wonder drug made of powdered bark.|Quinine went on to transform medicine.
0320030709By Fiammetta Rocco.|First hand accounts about how the British army fighting Napoleon in Holland were defeated not by soldiers, but by mosquitos.|Meanwhile in Africa quinine makes an Empire possible.
0420030710By Fiammetta Rocco.|The hunt for seeds leads a tenacious cockney and his Peruvian sidekick to discover a tree of unbelievable beauty and power.|But dark forces are out to get them.
0520030711Fiammetta Rocco's account of how quinine transformed medicine and the history of empire.|Nobel Prize Winner Dr.|Mosquitoi Rossi's letters.|He breathlessly recounts day by day his incredible microscopic journey into the interior of the mosquito, and his unravelling of the life cycle of the deadly malaria parasite.