Miracle Worker



Seventeen-year-old Hannah is a spiritual healer, driven by her emotionally-vulnerable mother and guided by the memory of her dead sister, Lucy.

Into this intense atmosphere enters Sam, Hannah's first real friend, who Hannah apparently heals of her crippling asthma.

But when Sam suffers an almost fatal relapse, Hannah has a major crisis of confidence.

Hannah Bradley's only 17, but she's a spiritual healer.

It doesn't seem strange to her; it's what she was brought up to be.

She's healed many people; but maybe there's one person she really needs to heal.

Hannah....Beth Palmer

Maxine....Sue Jenkins

Sam....Lucy-Jo Hudson

Lucy....Kate Crossley

Paul....Daniel Pape

Robbie....Luke Broughton

Producer/Director Gary Brown.

By Katharine Way.

A 17 year old spiritual healer suffers a crisis of confidence.