Miracle Worker

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2008121820110125Seventeen-year-old Hannah is a spiritual healer, driven by her emotionally-vulnerable mother and guided by the memory of her dead sister, Lucy.|Into this intense atmosphere enters Sam, Hannah's first real friend, who Hannah apparently heals of her crippling asthma.|But when Sam suffers an almost fatal relapse, Hannah has a major crisis of confidence.|Hannah Bradley's only 17, but she's a spiritual healer.|It doesn't seem strange to her; it's what she was brought up to be.|She's healed many people; but maybe there's one person she really needs to heal.|Hannah....Beth Palmer|Maxine....Sue Jenkins|Sam....Lucy-Jo Hudson|Lucy....Kate Crossley|Paul....Daniel Pape|Robbie....Luke Broughton|Producer/Director Gary Brown.|By Katharine Way.|A 17 year old spiritual healer suffers a crisis of confidence.