Minimum Wages

Series of plays exploring the consequences of life on the minimum wage.

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WH01Some Kind Of Normal *20070129Series of plays exploring the consequences of life on the minimum wage.|By Katie Hims.|When Marylin is thrown out of her marital home and goes to work for the first time in 30 years, she discovers the minimum wage doesn't sustain even modest living expenses.|Rescue comes in the form of a cash-in-hand job and an unexpected friendship.
WH02Amateur Girl20070130By Amanda Whittington.|Julie works as a hospital auxiliary until the matron discovers she is moonlighting as a sex worker to make ends meet.
WH03Beautiful Henry *20070131By Lucy Catherine.|Julie is pregnant, broke and late for her job as a night shift cleaner in a town centre office block.|When she gets there, events take a surreal turn when her vacuum cleaner starts to speak.
WH04Caring20070201By Charlie Boucher|Eighteen-year-old Kellie is an agency carer, earning a pittance and trying to save up to go to university.|Could the relationship with the elderly lady she looks after change her fortune?
WH05 LASTGutted20070202By Louise Ironside.|On a Friday afternoon in a fish factory on the east coast of Scotland, Lena is waiting to get paid so that she can buy a plane ticket back home to Poland.|Then she opens her wage packet.