Minghella Remembered



A tribute to the filmmaker and playwright Anthony Minghella who died in March 2008.

Including Hang Up, Minghella's award-winning play first broadcast in 1987. Centred around a late-night phonecall between two lovers, the play is a study of lost innocence, deception and treachery. With Anton Lesser and Juliet Stevenson. Directed by Robert Cooper.

Plus Work in Progress: Two episodes from the BBC Radio 3 series which featured Minghella discussing putting the finishing touches to his film The Talented Mr Ripley, based on Patricia Highsmith's novel. The director muses on the painstaking process of developing a screenplay from a literary source, contrasting this with the 'carnival atmosphere' and camaraderie of directing. Minghella also explains the importance of music in his life and in his films. He talks about the score for The Talented Mr Ripley and his longstanding collaboration with Lebanese-born composer Gabriel Yared, as well as his belief that the composer should be part of the production process as early as possible.