Mind That Child

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20140630|by Vivienne Harvey|Long-term unemployed Frankie is elated when he gets a job on an ice-cream van. But his precious job is soon in jeopardy when Frankie discovers that his ex is moving from Inverness to Canada - taking their son, Jamie, with her. Desperate, Frankie flees Glasgow in the (now technically stolen) ice cream van, determined to stop them before they get on the plane. With a seriously hungry petrol tank, a deadbeat pal who insists on tagging along and a maximum speed of 40 mph, it will be testament to Frankie's love for his son if he even makes it to Inverness.|With last year's Bafta Scotland winner, 14 year old Daniel Kerr.|Frankie - Iain Robertson|Duggy - Kevin Lennon|Jamie - Daniel Kerr|Lorna - Julie Austin|Roger - Kenny Blyth|Cora - Rosalind Sydney|Producer/director - Gaynor Macfarlane.