Midweek Theatre


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700527]

A Face in the Night by MALCOLM HULKE featuring the BBC Drama Repertory Company All the boy had to do was to keep the engine running, while his brother and the others did the job. But the engine, stopped...

Produced by GRAHAM GAULD (Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: Malcolm Hulke

Produced By: Graham Gauld

Jim: Brian Hewlett

Vic: Kerry Francis

Dugan: John Rye

Mason: Andrew Sachs

Kingsley: Peter Pratt

Brown: Peter Tuddenham

Silver: Alan Barry

Carol: Jo Manning Wilson

Watchman: John Bryning

Clerk: Nigel Lambert

Rita: Patricia Gallimore

Waiter: Sean Barrett

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700610]

The Drummer Boy A play for radio by EDDIE MATTHEWS based on the short story A Curious Experience by MARK TWAIN

The scene: Fort Trumbell, a Union Army Fort in New London, Connecticut. Time: the winter of 1862-63. Produced by JOHN POWELL

(Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: Eddie Matthews

Unknown: Mark Twain

Produced By: John Powell

Narrator: Alexander John

Col A A Muncie: David Healy

Sgt Rayburn: David Bauer

The Corporal: David Brierley

Robert Wicklow: Eddie Matthews

Major Webb: Peter Marinker

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700617]

A Matter of Life or Else by REX HI KNITS

Late at night Dr John Newton was called out to attend an accident case. A life hung in the balance - but whose?

Produced bv BETTY DAVIES

(Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: Dr John Newton

Unknown: Betty Davies

Dr John Newton: George Hagan

Dave Stevens: Bruce Beeby

Beppo Vicenti: Andrew Sachs

Frank: John Rye

Larry: Kerry Francis

Joe: Clifford Nokgate

Mrs Vine, Newton's house-keeper: Margot Boyd

Mr Webb: Nigel Lambert

Mrs Webb: Patricia Gallimorc

The Vicar: Clifford Norgate

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700708]

There Ain'a Lady Livin' in the Land bv-ROBIN SMYTH with The cockney boy exiled in Suffolk dreams of First Division football and ' The Smoke,' and finds romance and reality nearer home.

Produced by R. D. SMITH f

(Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Produced By: R. D. Smith

Billy Dixon: Derek Sealen

Mrs Dixon: Hilda Fenemore

Mr Dixon: Charles Leno

Charlie Foster: Henry Stamper

Mrs Jefferson: Nan Marriott-Watson

Mr Jefferson: Henry Livings

Jenny: Jenny Lee

Shirley: Pauline Wynn

Mr Chance: Laurence Davies

Rosie: Lynn Carson

Mrs Ely: Phyllis Montefiore

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700715]

A Test to Destruction by R. D. WINGFIELD with Robert Lang and Dudley Foster

For John Somersham. his work as a Security Supervisor at the Department of Scientific Warfare always comes first; but when the safety of his small son is at stake he faces the most agonising crisis of his life.

Produced by ROBERT CUSHMAN (Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm) (Robert Lang is a National Theatre player)


Unknown: R. D. Wingfield

Unknown: Robert Lang

Unknown: Dudley Foster

Unknown: John Somersham.

Produced By: Robert Cushman

John Somersham: Robert Lang

Gwen Somersham: Beth Harris

Maxwell: Dudley Foster

Garwood: Malcolm Tierney

Hamilton: Patrick Newell

Collins: Patrick Tull

Price: John Nightingale

Bishop: Jeffrey Segal

Archer: Matthew Walters

: Brown Ianthompson

Shirley: Clare Ballantyne

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700729]

Come on then, astonish me! by ANDREW DAVIES

Another play in which the indomitable Steph Smith meets the world head-on and finds it wanting. with With RICHARD DENNING



Unknown: Steph Smith

Unknown: Richard Denning

Unknown: George Woolley

Unknown: Sheila Wiltshire

Unknown: Penelope Protheroe

Unknown: Carol Vale

Produced By: Anthony Cornish

Steph Smith: Catherine Crutchley

Linda: Beverley Sutherland

Mary: Judith Steele

Miss Heddon: Penelope Shaw

Alistair Smart: Jeremy Burnham

Tony Newman: Jon Rollason

Nigel: Jeremy Mason

Headmaster: Leslie Dunn

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700930]

Dinner with Jane by RICHARD AUSTIN

' Jane always knows. With unerring judgment she arranges picnics in snowstorms and skiing parties during a heatwave. If she could, she'd fix up a barbecue on an ice-berg. Oh, Jane knows all right.'

Which makes one wonder what dinner's going to be like.

Produced by JANE GRAHAM

(Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm) (Helen Fraser is a National Theatre player)


Produced By: Jane Graham

Unknown: Helen Fraser

Clive: Roger Mutton

Sally: Penelope Lee

Edmund: John Bentley

Janine: Helen Fraser

Claire: Madi Hedd

Rod Hartigan: Kerry Francis

Jane: Emma Beeby

Billingsgate barman: Clifford Norgate

Old Man: Martin Friend

Waiter at Golden Elephant: Leslie Heritage

Barman at Golden Elephant: Alan Barry

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701014]

The Double Dealers by JOHN ELLIOT with Industrial espionage rears its head in the aircraft world as a young Lancashire reporter tries to track down the mystery behind the crash of a new vertical take-off plane. Time: very much in the present.

Produced by BRIAN MILLER (from Bristol)

(Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: John Elliot

Produced By: Brian Miller

Geoffrey Burch: Geoffrey Palmer

Frank Orchard: Richard Griffiths

Kate Trehair: Emily Richard

Kyle: Trevor Martin

Workman: Chris Harris

Gerald Cooke: Gerald Cross

Mrs Tucker: Margaret Wolfit

Mrs Silby: Liz Ashley

Silby: John Crocker

Priest: Esmond Rideout

Tucker: David Sharp

German man: Chris Harris

Dutch man: Esmond Rideout

Security man: Chris Harris

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701021]

Evelyn by RHYS ADRIAN with Pauline Collins as The Girl Ian Richardson as The Man

Geoffrey Collins as A Student Scene: A flat in Chelsea

Time: Very much the present Produced by JOHN TYDEMAN

This play, originally broadcast in the Third Programme in 1969, received the Premio della Radiotelevisione Italiana at the Italia Prize Awards in Florence on 22 September 1970. (Ian Richardson is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Co) (Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)

(' I will love you always, always,' a new play by Rhys Adrian : 30 October, Radio 3)


Unknown: Rhys Adrian

Unknown: Pauline Collins

Unknown: Ian Richardson

Unknown: Geoffrey Collins

Produced By: John Tydeman

Unknown: Radiotelevisione Italiana

Play By: Rhys Adrian

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701028]

Towards My Neighbour by JEFFREY SEGAL

Robert and Marion's neighbour is literally driving them from their house with her constant complaints. But an accident one night gives them a clue to her odd behaviour.

Produced bv JANE GRAHAM

(Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: Jeffrey Segal

Unknown: Jane Graham

Robert Sadler: John Ringham

Marion Sadler: Aline Waites

Mrs Lidd: Diana Bishop

Mr Lidd: Edward Kelsey

Mrs Portugal: Natalie Kent

Doctor: Godfrey Kenton

Social worker: Madi Hedd

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701118]


The Storyteller:

The Unconquered by W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM dramatised for radio by MICHAEL J. BIRD

Carleton Hobbs as Maugham

' The War had been over for two years and at last I was back in France. Passing through Soissons I saw two women, one old, the other young, sitting outside a cafe. For fully 15 minutes they stared into space, each in a world of their own... I had to know more about them.'

Produced by GRAHAM GAULD (Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: Michael J. Bird

Unknown: Carleton Hobbs

Produced By: Graham Gauld

Guyard: Hector Ross

M Périer: Peter Tuddenham

Mme Périer: Betty Hardy

Annette: Carol Marsh

Hans: Anthony Hall

Willi: Gordon Gardner

Sergeant: Edward Kelsey

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701202]

It Pays to be Frank by FRED BENSON

' In my job I'm often in a position to do little favours for people. It's not bribery. Bribery's only if you tip somebody a fiver."

Produced by ALFRED BRADLEY (Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: Fred Benson

Produced By: Alfred Bradley

Granville: Ronald Herdman

Talbot: Derrick Gilbert

Gillian: June Barry

Frank: Frank Middlemass

Percy: Harry Markham

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701209]

You never think it's you by HENRY LINCOLN starring

Jill Bennett and Barry Foster 1 What's ttie matter? Don'you want your kicks, then? '

' don'believe it, you can'be serious! You can'want us to- '

' How do you know what I can or can'want? '


(Barry Foster is in Tea Party' and ' The Basement' at the Duchess Theatre, London)


Unknown: Henry Lincoln

Unknown: Jill Bennett

Unknown: Barry Foster

The Woman: Jill Bennett

The Soldier: Barry Foster

Sonny: David Valla

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701216]

Stop Off

A play for radio by WILLIAM INGRAM with Freddie Jones as the Tramp Keith Skinner as Boy and Patrick Tull as Mick

' Orphans of the storm, that's what we were! So suddenly, through the dark we sees this light.... But 'stead of the kindly old farmer, with a bowl of hot broth and two lovely daughters, we have to end up with this grubby old nut-case! ' Produced by BETTY DAVIES

(Repeated: Thursday, 3.0 pm)


Unknown: William Ingram

Unknown: Freddie Jones

Unknown: Keith Skinner

Unknown: Patrick Tull

Produced By: Betty Davies

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701223]

Maugham the Storyteller Red by SOMERSET MAUGHAM adapted for radio by KEITH MILES with Atafu. Pago Pago, Raratonga, Safoto! When the gentle music of these islands drifts into a man's ears it can take him strangely, and he may find himself bemused by its charm.

GERALD CROSSMAN (piano) ALFIE KAHN (harmonica)

Produced by ARCHIE CAMPBELL (' The Tenth Man ' by Somerset Maugham: Saturday-Night Theatre on Boxing Day)


Radio By: Keith Miles

Piano: Gerald Crossman

Produced By: Archie Campbell

the storyteller: Carleton Hobbs

Skipper: David Bauer

Red: Blain Fairman

Kanaka Mate: Sean Arnold

Kanaka boy): Brinsley Forde

Native boy: Brinsley Forde

Neilson: Geoffrey Matthews

Sally, as a girl: Heather Emmanuel

as a woman: Golda Casimir

Captain of whaler: Richard Griffiths

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701230]

Stanislaus and the Princess by LEE TORRANCE with 1 Once upon a time - a phrase I've never really understood - there lived a young and beautiful princess... '

Produced by GLYN BEARMAN


Unknown: Lee Torrance

Produced By: Glyn Bearman

the storyteller: David Davis

Princess: Elizabeth Proud

Queen: Gudrun Ure

Stanislaus: Frederick Treves

King: Rolf Lefebvre

POlOWSki: Kerry Francis

Gombach: Aubrey Woods

Actor: David Valla

Suitor: Sean Barrett

Old Woman: Margot Boyd