Midweek Portrait Elizabeth Blackwell, Md

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'If only I had been treated by a lady doctor! ' That cry by a dying friend gave

Elizabeth Blackwell the reason she had been searching for.

Born in Bristol in 1821, her family emigrated to the USA when she was 11. There her determination to become a qualified doctor met with tremendous opposition. The fact that she did succeed is a tribute to this remarkable pioneering woman.

Produced by ALAN BURGESS


Written By: Mary-Jean Hasler

Unknown: Elizabeth Blackwell

Produced By: Alan Burgess

Elizabeth Blackwell: Gwen Cherrell

Narrator: Hector Ross

Marian Blackwell: Tucker McGuire

Hannah Blackwell: Hilda Schroder

Mr Blackwell: Geoffrey Collins

Paul: Kerry Francis

Mrs Gardener: Grizelda Hervey

Dr Dubois: Austin Trevor

Mr Dickson: Brian Haines

HenrV: David Healy

Kitty: Madi Hedd

Matron: Hilda Kriseman