Midweek Portrait Elizabeth Blackwell, Md

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700416]Written by MARY-JEAN HASLER|'If only I had been treated by a lady doctor! ' That cry by a dying friend gave|Elizabeth Blackwell the reason she had been searching for.|Born in Bristol in 1821, her family emigrated to the USA when she was 11. There her determination to become a qualified doctor met with tremendous opposition. The fact that she did succeed is a tribute to this remarkable pioneering woman.|Produced by ALAN BURGESS


Written By: Mary-Jean Hasler|Unknown: Elizabeth Blackwell|Produced By: Alan Burgess|Elizabeth Blackwell: Gwen Cherrell|Narrator: Hector Ross|Marian Blackwell: Tucker McGuire|Hannah Blackwell: Hilda Schroder|Mr Blackwell: Geoffrey Collins|Paul: Kerry Francis|Mrs Gardener: Grizelda Hervey|Dr Dubois: Austin Trevor|Mr Dickson: Brian Haines|HenrV: David Healy|Kitty: Madi Hedd|Matron: Hilda Kriseman