Message Of Unknown Purpose, A

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DV20140622|Tao Lin's curious tale about a prisoner in 2042 who depicts a society addicted to sleep.|Radio 4's Dangerous Visions: the second of three specially commissioned stories that explore contemporary takes on future dystopias.|Peter Marinker reads Tao Lin's curious tale about the discovery of a message from the future in which an elderly prisoner talks about the invention and misuse of a sleep machine. "In 2042, after major worldwide catastrophes in the second and third decades of the 21st century, the world is drastically different. It's much, much worse and maybe more exciting, depending on who you ask." A vision emerges of a society addicted to sleep.|Produced by Gemma Jenkins|In reviewing cult author and poet Tao Lin's novel, Taipei, the TLS writes, "a daring, urgent voice for a malfunctioning age".