01Rick Moody *20100322

Beginning a week of essays in which writers reflect on the transformative role played by inspirational mentor figures in their artistic development, American novelist Rick Moody remembers the initial culture shock and lasting impact of his early mentor, the great British writer, Angela Carter.

Author Rick Moody on the lasting impact of his mentor - British writer Angela Carter.

02Andy Martin20100323

Writer and French scholar Andy Martin on sharing thoughts, lies, and haircuts with his old teacher and almost-mentor, the philosopher Jacques Derrida.

Writer and French scholar Andy Martin discusses philosopher Jacques Derrida

03Liz Lochhead *20100324

Writer, poet and playwright Liz Lochhead recalls the influence of early mentors like the influential teacher Philip Hobsbaum, and the writer Alasdair Gray, and reflects upon becoming a mentor herself.

Writer Liz Lochhead recalls her early mentors like Philip Hobsbaum and Alasdair Gray.

04Alexander Theroux *20100325

Writer Alexander Theroux celebrates the eccentric and free-thinking example set by his Cape Cod neighbour and mentor, the artist, writer and illustrator, Edward Gorey

05Ian Watson20100401
05 LASTIan Watson *20100326

Science Fiction writer Ian Watson recalls his time spent sequestered with the legendary film-director Stanley Kubrick, and considers how the unforgettable, hot-house experience of script-writing alongside this most obsessive and perfectionist of artists has marked his life and career.

Science fiction writer Ian Watson recalls working with film director Stanley Kubrick