Men's Hour [5 Live]



A German court has said circumcision is bodily harm - but why do people do it, and why do others object? Men's Hour discusses with a panel including a female Rabbi, a doctor and a Jewish man who has chosen not to circumcise his son. Also in the programme: Marcus Brigstocke talks about his eating disorder; and Men's Hour looks at whether prostate cancer is a forgotten disease.


Tim Samuels debates gay marriage; and we investigate the lack of male primary teachers.

Michael Underwood goes back to school to find out why there are so few male primary school teachers. Jon Holmes goes in search of the lost skills of men. We hear why Cuba needed a whole new boxing team for London 2012. And we debate gay marriage.

Tim Samuels presents 5 live's radio magazine for the modern man.

Woman's Hour And Men's Hour: A Secrets Special20120827

In this joint Woman's Hour-Men's Hour special show, people reveal the secrets they've been keeping from their other halves, family, friends and colleagues. From minor everyday secrets to major

revelations around money, lifestyle and past behaviour. Presenters Jane Garvey and Tim Samuels team up to hear the perspective of men and women from around the UK - and explore the motivations and impact of keeping secrets. The show will be jointly broadcast on Radio 4 and 5 live - a first for the two programmes.

A joint Woman's Hour-Men's Hour special show.