Memories Of The Blues

George Melly presents a six-part blues series.

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0101Remembering Bessie Smith20040210George Melly presents a six-part blues series.In the first programme, he remembers when he first heard a Bessie Smith recording.
0102American Visitors20040217In this second programme, he remembers some of the great American bluesmen who visited these shores.
0103R'n'b20040224Today, how the burgeoning R 'n' B scene saw groups like Manfred Mann, the rolling stones and the Animals support the great bluesmen.
0104Studio 5120040302This programme spotlights the club Studio 51.
0105American Blues Legends Tours20040309George Melly discovers how the blues were brought to this country. Tonight, he talks to promoter Jim Simpson who organised American Blues Legends tours in the '70s.
0106 LASTThe Future Of The Blues20040316George Melly concludes his series with a look to the future of blues, and toasts the British scene at his local blues bar.|With Bill Wyman, Mike Vernon, Mike Figgis and Tom McGuinness.