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20030321Historian and broadcaster Jim Walvin goes on a fascinating journey of discovery with two members of the same family who are both white but have given birth to black children.
Saracen Stone Masons20030723Historian Jim Walvin tries to discover if there is any truth in the legend that several families from Biddulph Moor are related to Saracen stone masons brought over to Britain by the crusaders.
The Black Servant Of Dr Samuel Johnson20030806Historian and broadcaster Jim Walvin seeks the descendant of Francis Barber, a former slave who become the black servant of Dr Samuel Johnson
The First Indian Restaurant In Britain20030730Broadcaster Jim Walvin goes in search of the descendants of ;writer Dean Mahomed, who opened the first Indian restaurant in Britain in 1809.
0120040630Historian Jim Walvin meets Chris Kempton, descendant of William Munnew, Indian servant to Georgian rake William Hickey.|He explores the amazing life of his exotic ancestor.
0220040707Historian Jim Walvin meets Barbara Buttimer, descendant of Huguenot immigrants the Gruebers, who became gunpowder manufacturers in Kent in 1865.|He explores the story of this entrepreneurial family, the history of gunpowder and Huguenot immigration in to the UK.
0320040714Historian Jim Walvin meets Maddy and Andrew Duke.|Andrew is the descendant of Christina Douglas a mixed race daughter of a slave from Capetown who came to Britain in 1809.|For generations the family have been searching for the true identity of Christina's father.|Jim attempts to finally solve this two hundred-year-old family mystery.
04 LAST20040721Historian Jim Walvin meets Lyn Innes, the descendant of an Indian prince called Mansur Ali Khan, Nawab Nazim of Bengal Bihar and Orissa.