Medical Mysteries - The Scourge From India

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19701006]The dreadful epidemic which has been causing such ravages in Calcutta and the southern provinces has broken out in camp. It is a species of cholera morbus. There is an opinion that the water in the tanks, the only water we have at this place, may be unwholesome and add to the disease (Major-General Lord Hastings, 1877)|Cholera has Been in the headlines this year, but is unlikely ever again to attack mankind with the ferocity of the great pandemics of the last century. Written by ARTHUR SWINSON Narrator DAVID MAHLOWE Other parts ANTONY BODEN|RONALD HARVI , WILFRED HARRISON CYNTHIA MICHAELIS Produced by STANLEY WILLIAMSON


Written By: Arthur Swinson|Narrator: David Mahlowe|Unknown: Antony Boden|Unknown: Ronald Harvi|Unknown: Wilfred Harrison|Unknown: Cynthia Michaelis|Produced By: Stanley Williamson