Media Show, The


20120613 (R4)

A topical programme about the fast-changing media world, this week with Anne McElvoy.

The producer is Beverley Purcell.

Steve Hewlett presents a topical programme about the fast-changing media world.

The producer is Simon Tillotson.

Topical programme about the fast-changing media world.

Richard Peppiatt's published an open letter to Richard Desmond, saying he was quitting his job at the Daily Star on several points of principle.

He says he was asked to make up stories (the Star denies this) and was unhappy about the Star's coverage of Muslims in Britain.

So, having admitted that he wrote stories he knew to be untrue, does he have a future in journalism?

Last week the government decided not to refer News Corp's bid for BSkyB to the competition commission.

This followed a report from Ofcom that suggested that increasing News Corp's ownership of the British media might lead to plurality issues.

Ed Richards, the chief executive of Ofcom, joins Steve to discuss where Ofcom stands.

Jason Gardiner, a judge on ITV's Dancing on Ice, is in trouble again over his acerbic comments and insults to the contestants.

Gardiner is the latest in a long line of catty judges from "nasty" Nigel Lythgoe to Simon Cowell.

But do all talent shows need a pantomime villain? Nina Myskow, 1980s talent show judge known for her cutting criticism, discusses why the spats between judges now make more headlines than the efforts of the contestants.

Richard Peppiatt on Daily Star; Ofcom's Ed Richards on NewsCorp; talent show judges.

The producer is Joe Kent.

Ed Stourton presents a topical programme about the fast-changing media world.


The media like stories claiming to link TV with harm to children, but is the picture so clear? Focussing on two recent pieces of research by Prof Dimitri Christakis and Prof Angeline Lillard, Steve discusses the extent to which media reports of the link can be justified. Joining him are David Buckingham who is Professor of Education at the Institute of Education at London University and Director of the Centre for the study of Children, Youth and Media, Baroness Susan Greenfield, a neuroscientist and Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology at Oxford University and Hannah Devlin, Science Correspondent for the Times with a PhD in brain imaging from Oxford University.

The producer is Luke Mulhall.

Steve discusses research on TV's impact on children and claims of possible harm.

At its peak the BBC attracted almost 17 million viewers for its Diamond Jubilee coverage but some have described parts of it as 'lamentable,' 'tedious' and 'inane'. Alan Yentob the BBC's Creative Director responds to those criticisms. Ian Hyland TV critic for the Mail on Sunday shares his view, and Michael Lumley an executive producer for the coverage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's wedding, reveals some of the challenges inherent in covering such large scale events on TV.

YouView is officially in launch phase. The internet television service - backed by the BBC, Channel 4, 5 and BT, amongst others - promised a new way of watching TV. But have a serious of delays left it trailing its competitors. BBC Media Correspondent Torin Douglas outlines the history and Theresa Wise of Accenture considers its future.

And the battle to become the next Director General of the BBC is gathering pace. One candidate in particular - Ed Richards - is attracting attention because of his links to the Labour Party. Anne McElvoy speaks to The Guardian's Dan Sabbagh.

Presenter: Anne McElvoy

Producer: Joe Kent.