Measure Of A Man, The

Sidney Poitier's autobiography, in five parts.

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01The Idyll20010723Sidney Poitier's autobiography, in five parts.Poitier grew up on a tiny island, far from ideas about race.
02Departures20010724Poitier's parents are tomato farmers, but because of an American embargo on Bahamian tomatoes, they are forced to leave their home and move to Nassau.|Here they are confronted with poverty and, as a teenager, Sidney is jailed for stealing corn.
03The Time Of Ashes20010725Poitier's painful confrontation with Harlem, where he slept on rooftops, worked in kitchens and was once shot in the leg in a race riot.
04Life In Black And White20010726Now a Hollywood leading man, Poitier's success transcends race - putting him in a unique position, and an isolated one.
05 LASTWhy Do White Folks Love Sidney Poitier So?20010727Poitier is awarded an Oscar, is a box-office draw and makes some of the greatest movies of his career.|But he knows, before anyone else does, that his time as a leading man is coming to an end.