The Mayor Of Casterbridge

Helen Edmundson's dramatisation of Thomas Hardy's classic.



Michael Henchard spends his life trying to atone for the terrible action that led to the loss of his wife and child.

But no matter how hard he tries to conceal it, his past refuses to be buried.

  • abel whittle....Burn Gorman
  • christopher coney....david fielder
  • directed by - Nadia Molinari
  • donald farfrae....Paul Higgins
  • elizabeth-jane....ruth wilson
  • furmity woman....Maggie Steed
  • jopp....Conrad Nelson
  • lucetta....Emma Fielding
  • martha....vashti maclachlan
  • michael henchard....john lynch
  • mother cuxsom....sue ryding
  • newson....Jonathan Keeble
  • phoebe....lorna lewis
  • solomon longways....Russell Dixon
  • susan henchard....Olwen May

  • 02*2008052520080531

    Michael Henchard tries to hold his life together, despite painful revelations and the unexpected arrival of someone from his past.

    03 LAST*2008060120080607

    Michael Henchard sets about rebuilding his life, but the appearance of a stranger in Casterbridge threatens to unravel everything.