Mathew Waddington

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2014012820150421 (R4)Anita Anand knew she was meant to be a journalist from the moment she covered her first news story. An instinct she followed proved to be correct, and convinced her that she should pursue journalism.|In this series of interviews for 'One to One', Anita discovers what drives people towards certain careers. Was there an epiphany, something they discovered in their very core, or a series of events that motivated them?|This week's guest is Mathew Waddington, a partner in a Midlands and South-West based legal firm. He entered law relatively late having worked in the travel industry, after studying history. He was a trainee solicitor, unsure where to specialise, when his daughter, who was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality, died. It suddenly became clear to him that he should work in children's law. He became a Children's Panel solicitor representing abused children in care cases, as well as parents and grandparents in other Children Act cases.|Producer: Karen Gregor.