Match, A

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19900221] Unknown: Tony Whittaker.|Directed By: Tony Cliff|Angus: Malcolm Raeburn|Jean: Noreen Kershaw|McLeod: John Griffin|Carlisle: Colin Kerrigan|Graham: Nigel Carrington|Michael: Peter Rylands|Chris: Sam Mitchell|Senior master: Richard Coles|Padre: Paul Elsam
Programme Catalogue - Details: 21 February 199019900221Producer: A.|CLIFF|Description|Play by Tony WHITTAKER.|Angus is a middle-aged PE teacher who's finding it hard to keep up with his pupils or put up with his colleagues.|His crisis is tha annual football match between boys and staff.|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|21 Feb 1990 15:02-15:47 (RADIO 4)|Contributors|Nigel Carrington (Actor)|Noreen Kershaw (Actor)|Malcolm Raeburn (Actor)|Colin Kerrigan (Actor)|Peter Rylands (Actor)|John Griffin (Actor)|Richard Cole (Actor)|Paul Elsam (Actor)|Sam Mitchell (Actor)|Tony Whittaker (Author)|Tony Cliff (Producer)|Recorded on 1989-09-22.