Marriage A La Mode

Mr and Mrs William Hogarth return in another scandalous romp through a famous series of Hogarth paintings, bringing to life the story in - and behind - each canvas.


01Plate One - The Marriage Settlement20070226

A marriage made in the Bank of England unites the aristocratic Squanders with the bourgeois Grubpumps, to the disgust of both bride and groom.

02Plate Two - The Tete-a-tete20070227

The wealthy newlyweds indulge every desire. If only they desired each other.

03Plate Three - The Inspection20070228

The gentlemen seek a cure, and the ladies an explanation.

04Plates Four And Five - From The Toilette To The Bagnio20070301

William follows his wife - and walks into his own story.

05 LASTPlates Five And Six - From The Bagnio To The Lady's Death20070302

Three deaths, one birth and two endings.