Mark Thomas Presents

Mark Thomas hosts shows featuring iconic American comedians.


0101Stan Freberg Live20051207

In an exclusive appearance, Stan Freberg reprises some of the routines that made him a legend.

Stan Freberg began his career doing voices for Warner Brothers cartoon characters, before launching his own career as performer and producer of classic comedy records in 1952.

He was given his own US network radio show in the late '50s, inheriting the slot vacated by the great Jack Benny.

He's remembered for his razor-sharp parodies of Elvis Presley, Lonnie Donegan, the US police series Dragnet, and of Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song which was also a sizeable British hit.

In this one-off British appearance at the London Comedy Store, Stan, now 79, reprises some of the greatest moments of his comedy career.

0102The Firesign Theatre2005121420060323

He introduces an exclusive appearance by the inspired and politically-astute alternative comedy team The Firesign Theatre.

Comedian Mark Thomas hosts an exclusive show for Radio 4 at the London Comedy Store, featuring American comedy heroes The Firesign Theatre.

Arising from the California counterculture in the late 1960s, they became cult favourites, and in this rare British appearance, they reprise some of their greatest routines, as well as bringing their wit to bear on more recent events.

0103Mort Sahl Live20051221

Mark Thomas hosts a series of shows featuring iconic American comedians.

The freely improvising scourge of right wing America, Mort Sahl.

0104 LASTShelley Berman20051228

In an exclusive appearance for Radio 4, Shelley Berman brings his unique observational wit to the UK.