Mark Radcliffe's Group Therapy

Mark Radcliffe presents a six-part step-by-step survival guide for budding rock bands.


0101Choosing An Instrument, Learning To Play It, And Idols And Influences20030820

Today, he covers choosing an instrument, learning to play it, and idols and influences.

0102Forming A Band, Choosing That All-important Name And Rehearsing20030827

Today, forming a band, choosing that all-important name and rehearsing.

0103Singers And Guitarists20030903

Today, a focus on the singers and the guitarists.


Today, a focus on the drummers, bassists and keyboard players.

0105Hangers On And Extras20030917

Today, a focus on the hangers on and extras, roadies, managers, life in a van, and the rider.

0106 LASTThe Gig!20030924

This week's programme looks at The Gig! First gigs, worst gigs, disasters, and triumphs.