20150513Mark Kermode takes you on a tour of soundtracks from his favourite movies. Including orchestral scores, electronic music. songs from musicals, and sound effects from another world. Along the way he will be joined by film-makers and musicians like William Friedkin, Lynne Ramsay, Bill Forsyth, Mark Knopfler, David Arnold, Anne Dudley, Rachel Portman, Richard O Brien and many more.
20150520Mark focuses on electronic film music. Interviews include Alan Parker director of Midnight Express, Steven Price who won an Oscar for his amazing score for Gravity, and William Friedkin who directed The Exorcist and the cult film Sorcerer, Peter Strickland director of Barbarian Sound Studio, Anne Dudley who composed the score for The Full Monty and David Arnold - who scored five Bond moves including Casino Royale.
20150527Mark examines the mysteries of composing for the screen. He talks to among others Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead who has composed music for the Paul Thomas Anderson films There Will Be Blood and Inherent Vice, composer Rachel Portman who won an Oscar for her music for Emma starring Gwyneth Paltrow, to Mark Knopfler and Bill Forsyth about the score for Local Hero and to Anne Dudley about her score for The Full Monty.
20150603In this episode Mark focuses on his favourite songs and musicals. Interviewees include Alan Parker on his films Fame, Evita and the Commitments, Lynne Ramsay on the music in We Need To Talk About Kevin and Edgar Wright explains the pop jukebox soundtracks for films like An American Werewolf in London, Pulp Fiction and Shaun Of The Dead.



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