Marie Salle



Marie Sallé was one of the most revolutionary and successful dancers of her age.

She danced in several Handel Operas and in works by Rebel and Rameau among others, performing expressive, dramatic dances during a period when displays of technical virtuosity were more popular.

The first woman to choreograph the ballets in which she appeared, she anticipated the late 18th-century reforms of Jean-Georges Noverre.

Catherine Bott explores the life and impact of Sallé and the music to which she danced.

Catherine Bott explores the life and music associated with dancer Marie Salle.


Catherine Bott charts the life of the revolutionary French dancer Marie Salle in the 300th anniversary year of her birth.

Leading Salle experts Dr Sarah McCleave of Queen's University, Belfast, and Baroque dancer and choreographer Jane Gingell access the legacy of a figure who inspired composers including Handel and Rameau.