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6M20120510 (6M)

The magical Magnetic North are blessing Salford with a live session this fine eve, and by jeepers we can barely wait!

Erland Cooper, him of Erland & The Carnival fame, roped in fellow band mate Simon Cooper as well as Riley favourite Hannah Peel to create The Magnetic North. The vision was to create an ode to the Orkney Islands, Erland's home, after he was visited in a dream by Betty Corrigall (a local women who met a tragic end).

The resulting album was recorded in Stromness on Orkney, with the aid of local musicians and singers, and with the history, geography and culture of these islands firmly in mind. The final album was released on Full Time Hobby, and the group are currently on tour around the UK.

Welcome The Magnetic North: it's a pleasure to have you.

6MBowerbirds20120507 (6M)

The majestic Bowerbirds join us from London for their first Marc Riley session.

The Bowerbirds make up the Ptilonorhynchidea bird family that mainly feed on fruit and insects, build elaborate courtship nests and live in the tropical regions of New Guinea and Northern Australia.... Well that's true, but these particular Bowerbirds are a duo from North Carolina who play beautiful American folk music.

Current album The Clearing was released back in March on Dead Oceans and is the couple's third LP, this one was mainly recorded in Bon Iver's Wisconsin studio with Brian Joseph producing. Their latest material continues to see the pair drawing on their influences in nature, from its power and immensity through to its fallibility, and also their personal relationship that suffered in previous years.

Currently on tour across the UK before returning to America we have been waiting awhile but we are excited and eager to welcome Bowerbirds in session from that there London town.

6MCate Le Bon


6MJerry Tropicano


6MRm Hubbert20120514 (6M)

It's a debut session from RM Hubbert today. What has taken us so long?!

As one of Glasgow's most prolific artists, Hubbert has been releasing music under different guises since 1993, gaining critical acclaim with El Hombre Trajeado. After the ending of El Hombre Trajeado back in 2005 Hubbert took a break from playing live and studied different musical forms, so when he returned in 2008 he'd added new styles and sounds to his arsenal. Hubberts debut was originally self-released but was then picked up by legendary Scottish label Chemikal Underground in 2010. With the release of his debut Hubbert took to playing live again gaining support slots to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, King Creosote, Mogwai and Bill Well's and Aidan Moffat.

It has been an eventful few years for Hubbert but with his second LP Thirteen Lost & Found released this January just gone and currently being on a UK tour we are very happy he decided to continue playing live.

6MThe Liftmen20120503 (6M)

Bristol based The Liftmen are in session tonight. The band comprises Rasha Shaheen (bass and vocals); Jamie Whitby-Coles (drums); Neil Smith (guitar and vocals); and Sam Wisternoff (electric noise).

The first single was a double A-sided, red vinyl 7" of Meatraffle and Backwards, released in 2003, with an accompanying video. This helped bring the Liftmen to the attention of Twisted Nerve's head honcho, Andy Votel.

Twisted Nerve have been releasing their music ever since, including new album Luftwaffe Pond. The band came to Marc's attention when Neil Smith came in with This Is The Kit and handed over a Liftmen CD... twas instant love and Marc invited them in for a session toute de suite.