Mapp And Lucia

Ned Sherrin's dramatisation of E F Benson's classic comedy of manners.


01The Invasion Of Tilling20070430

Left uncharacteristically faint at heart by the death of her beloved husband, Lucia is restless for change.

02The Stomach Of A King *20070501

Daisy is beginning to regret her responsibilities as Queen of Riseholme and turns to Lucia for help.

03Garden Produce *20070502

Lucia, comfortably installed in Miss Mapp's house for the summer months, has bad news for her friend Georgie.

04The Hanging Committee20070503

Desperate to reassert herself as Queen of Tilling, Miss Mapp holds a jumble sale.

But Lucia has her own ideas and the competition begins.

05Un Po Di Musica *20070504

Happily settled in Tilling, Lucia decides to take on Mallards for a further month.

Miss Mapp does not yet despair of dealing Lucia some nasty blow.

06Georgie's Dilemma20070507

Lucia breaks the news to Georgie that she has sold The Hurst in Riseholme and is to set up permanent residence in Tilling.

07Advantage Mapp *20070508

Miss Mapp sets her sights on Georgie as a way of getting to Lucia.

08Mapp On The Offensive *20070509

Lucia has her revenge and it is Miss Mapp who has to take a back seat, much to her chagrin.

09The Flood *20070510

The river bursts its banks and Lucia and Miss Mapp find themselves swallowed up by the tide.

10 LASTHome Sweet Home *20070511

The missing pair return to reclaim their thrones and the mystery of Lobster a la Riseholme unfolds.