Mansfield Park [drama 2003]

Mansfield Park tells the story of young Fanny Price who goes to live with her rich uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram, and his children, due to the impoverished state of her own family. When Sir Thomas goes away to look after his somewhat dubious overseas interests, his household falls into moral decline. Flirtatious and inappropriate relationships are formed with visiting friends, and acting in forbidden theatricals takes place to make possible the demonstration of illicit desires. Fanny stands apart from this, holding true to her nature of sensibility watching in horror as she sees her cousin Edmund, with whom she is in love, become attached to the witty but shallow Mary Crawford. With Sir Thomas' return, Fanny is exiled back to poverty after she refuses what he believes to be a good match for her. Eventually Fanny is recalled to Mansfield Park, and Edmund having seen the folly of his previous infatuation proposes to her.



  • Amanda Root....Jane Austen
  • Jane Austen....Amanda Root
  • by.... Jane Austen
  • fanny price....felicity jones
  • felicity jones....fanny price
  • henry crawford....james callis
  • james callis....henry crawford
  • julia mckenzie....mrs norris
  • mary crawford....susan lynch
  • mrs norris....julia mckenzie
  • sir thomas bertram....tim pigott-smith
  • susan lynch....mary crawford
  • tim pigott-smith....sir thomas bertram

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    The arrival of new neighbours from London causes great excitement among the young people.


    A trip to Mr Rushworth's estate has unforeseen consequences for the whole party.


    A theatrical performance is undertaken against Edmund's better judgement.


    Sir Thomas returns to Mansfield Park to find the house in disarray.


    A ball is held at Mansfield Park in honour of Fanny and her brother William.


    Henry Crawford is determined to win Fanny's heart.


    Fanny's stay with her family in Portsmouth is not the happy occasion she might have been expecting.

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    Fanny returns to Mansfield Park to find her rightful place in the household.