Manc Streets Revisited

Four stories from Manchester exiles.


01Watching The Picture Bloom20001106

by Andrea Ashworth.

A young Oxford undergraduate returns home for Christmas and wonders if the fragile family peace will hold.

Read by Jayne Ashbourne.

02Uncle Deborah20001107

by Nicholas Blincoe.

Uncle Donald has returned to Manchester with a new image.

Not only has he put on some weight, and started wearing a housecoat and a wig, he has also adopted a new name - Uncle Deborah.

Read by John Lloyd-Fillingham

03For Being A Boy20001108

by Shelagh Delaney.

Edwin comes back to Manchester for his mother's funeral, and has to face his sisters, who, after 30 years, still loathe him for being the favourite child.

Read by Malcolm Raeburn

04 LASTVisiting20001109

David Crellin reads `Visiting', by David Constantine.

The streets of Salford become avenues of memory for a man who left them behind long ago.